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Living Hygge | April

I’m back with some more hyggeligt tips! Welcome to the April edition of Living Hygge!

For April, The Little Book of Hygge recommends hiking and cooking over an open fire. This sounds fab! As I’m spending most of the month travelling (I’m currently in Canada visiting my family and about to head off to Cuba in a few days.) I won’t be able to follow it to the letter. However, I’m 100% for this month’s theme. Hiking and cooking over an open fire are two amazing things to do to enjoy outdoors! 

April, in both my countries Canada and Scotland, is usually the start of the tourist season. This means better weather, but smaller crowds, which is perfect to plan trips.

This month I differ a bit from the norm. I’m sharing tips for hiking and cooking outdoor in Scotland specifically:

>> If you’re just visiting for a short time, it may be easiest to go up Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh, or even venture our to the Pentland or Lomond Hills.

>> From Stirling, a small and accessible hike is to go up in the Ochil Hills. Dumyat is one of the lower summits, but easily accessible from the university campus.

>> Some good munros to start hiking in Scotland are Ben Lomond, Ben Chonzie and Ben Vorlich, all easily accessible from Stirling as well by car. These are my personal goals for the summer ahead.

>> If you don’t have much experience hiking, like yours truly, it’s advised to leave it until the weather is much nicer, you especially don’t want to be caught in snow or bad weather up a munro.

>> It’s not really advised to cook on open fires in Scotland, you should usually use a stove if possible. Which is still nice to cook outdoor if you’re hiking or camping!

>> If you want to make a fire, beaches are possibly the best places as they are often far from any bushes or forest. It’s great for an evening of cooking sausages or marshmallows and relaxing with the sound of the waves in the background. Some beaches don’t allow fires though (such as West Sands in St Andrews) so be sure to inform yourself first.

What will you do this month to appreciate life’s small moments?xx

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