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32 Things That Make Me Happy

Everyone who knows me knows that I’m living through a little bit of a tough time right now, trying to find my footing in these uncertain times, but I’m trying to focus on the positive of things. So when I saw the link up about happiness going around, I thought what a great way to make happiness shine on my blog today! It was originally posted by Venus Trapped in Mars.

The first time I went through this list, it ended up being almost all food…I’d forgotten my friends, family and boyfriend! Sorry guys! So I made a second list and tried to have more variety ;). Here is my personal list of happiness (in no particular order).

1. Moments spent with my family.

2. Any kind of interaction with my person.

3. The Brit.

4. Catching up with my friends.

5. Being hugged by my spiritual grandma.

6. Saying ‘just another chapter…’

7. Enjoying a good movie and not seeing time fly by.

8. Writing.

9. Dancing.

10. Baking.

11. Pandas.

12. Sushi.

13. The feeling I get when I’m back from the gym.

14. Wine.

15. Sarcasm.

16. Popcorn

17. TV shows.

18. Minions.

19. When I see that people read my blog.

20. Chips (British or American way of saying chips…I like both!)

21. Poutine.

22. Harry Potter

23. Good comedy (I’m talking about you, Poelher, Kaling and Fey!)

24. Receiving a compliment/feeling like I’ve accomplished something to be proud of.

25. Making someone else happy.

26. When someone whom I miss say they miss me too.

27. The sun. Life is just so much happier when there is sun shining.

28. First snow.

29. Sleeping in.

30. Receiving letters or postcards.

31. Pizza.

32. Dressing up.

Bonus : (They made me happy and the thought of them still make me happy but unfortunately can’t experience them anymore as my two wonderful grandmothers have passed away.)

33. My grandmother’s bread.

34. My grandmother’s cakes.



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