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Charlotte & Giselle | Brunching in Wrocław

One of my favourite parts of my trip to Wrocław last January was the food. I really liked all the food we ate, but especially brunching! We brunched on both days we were there, and on my last morning, I even got some food to go from one of the places I’m recommending today.

The two places are recommended by my local friend who lived in Wrocław for about a decade. They are both French inspired bakeries, but with a local and delicious fresh twist. If you are in Wrocław for a weekend, I’d recommend trying both if you love a good brunch!

Recommendation #1: Charlotte

Address: Świętego Antoniego 2/4, 50-073 Wrocław

On our first morning in Wrocław, we woke up and headed straight out to Charlotte. It’s a restaurant in the day, which offers amazing brunches, but also a wine bar in the evening and night.

It offers some lovely viennoiseries if you’re just looking for a quick breakfast on the go. But their breakfast menu is too lovely to ignore!

Brunch includes pain perdu (although I think they mean French toast), omelettes, egg breakfasts and more. I picked the Charlotte’s egg breakfast to be able to taste a bit of everything. It includes a basket of fresh bread (all made in the shop), with homemade preserves, an egg and a choice of drink. In the end, my only regret was not ordering the breakfast with prosecco for only 6 zł more (£1.5).

*Charlotte also has branches in Warsaw and Kraków, if you’re there instead and want to try it.

Recommendation #2: Giselle

Address: Szewska 27, 50-139 Wrocław

While I loved my brunch at Charlotte, I loved my meal at Giselle even more. It was very much my kind of brunch! With fresh veggies or fruits, bagels, pancakes, fresh bread, etc, it really has something for everyone!

My friend feasted on some poached eggs with fingers of fresh brioche wrapped with parmesan and ham. How heavenly does that sound? While I stuffed myself with an avocado and tomato bagel with scrambled eggs. It was delicious! Especially accompanied by good coffee and amazingly chocolate-y hot chocolate with cream. It really felt like having two meals in one and we were good for another day of walking around Wrocław.

Have you brunched in Poland? Any other recommendations?xx

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