40 before 40

I created this list in late 2021 during one of the many lockdowns of the covid era. Is there a better time to look back and look ahead and hope for the best…or for something at the very least?

woman sitting on a bench eating churros

At the time, a friend had discovered my blog and asked if I had a 40 before 40 list. I had one for reaching 30 after all. So here it is, in no particular order:

  1. Enjoy pastries, seafood and wine in Portugal.
  2. Visit Austria.
  3. Visit the historic highlights of Prague in the Czech Republic.
  4. See the fjords of Norway.
  5. See the islands of Greece.
  6. Order all the pastries in a French bakery.
  7. Visit Australia or New Zealand.
  8. Visit a country in Asia.
  9. Go back to Chile to visit my family.
  10. Go back to the Caribbean.
  11. Get to 30 countries visited.
  12. Take the train or drive across Canada.
  13. Go a on trip by myself to a country I don’t know.
  14. Stay at an expensive luxury hotel.
  15. Do a girls’ trip with friends.
  16. Have a reunion with my university friends.
  17. Swim in the Mediterranean.
  18. Experience the polar night.
  19. Experience the midnight sun.
  20. See the northern lights again. ✓
  21. Run a marathon.
  22. Do a full length triathlon.
  23. Run a race abroad.
  24. Learn to swim properly (at least 1km crawl).
  25. Try a winter dip.
  26. Try paddle boarding. ✓
  27. Go skinny dipping.
  28. Go on a yoga or sports retreat.
  29. Go paragliding.
  30. Get a tattoo.
  31. Adopt a puppy.
  32. Buy a house. ✓
  33. Learn to play my ukulele.
  34. Attend a hot air balloon festival.
  35. Do a PhD.
  36. Get an agent for my writing.
  37. Publish a book.
  38. Read my writing in public.
  39. Read 500 books.
  40. Read a book from every country.