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A Guide to Eating Out in St Andrews

Happy Friday!

Would you believe I’ve had this post written for over a year? I had this St Andrews series and it went on forever and for some reason I wasn’t too sure how this would fit in. But hey – it’s time!

So you find yourself in beautiful St Andrews for a day trip or weekend trip, attending a wedding, lounging by the beach, or golfing all day? Well I’ve gathered my personal recommendations to create a guide to eating out in St Andrews.

Please note that some places have closed and opened since I’ve left St Andrews in 2013 so I’m discussing my personal favourites. Also it’s worth noting that most of the following will be good value for money.

Mitchells Deli

Mitchell’s was the place to meet to have a good tea/coffee and some scones. I loved their scones so much! They were homemade, served with delicious jam and cream, and the teapots dressed up in knitted jumpers just added to the cuteness. A great atmosphere.  

Cafe in the Square

I discovered this one thanks to my academic mentor as we’d often meet there for tea and cake. Definitely some of the best cake I tasted in St Andrews, they are extravagantly large and delicious and at a very reasonable price!


Taste is quite the hipster place, but they make a mean coffee (or so I’ve been told as I don’t drink coffee), good tea and some delicious hot chocolate. There isn’t much space to sit, but if you’re lucky enough to grab a seat it’s a good atmosphere to meet a friend for a chat.

The Grill House

The Grill House was one of the best places for lunch deals – especially at weekends. It has some killer tequila, some lovely painted walls and even magicians sometimes! We went there too often to count – actually my last meal the day I officially left after graduation was at the Grill House and it was spent weeping over some chili fries.


This is THE place if you’re a student/academic. Every time I end up there – even since I have graduated – I see someone I know walking into Northpoint to grab a bagel, a muffin or just some coffee to go. They have a great atmosphere, a great location (near the castle and near my academic school), some great food (hmm pancakes) and some great service too.


This one opened a few months before we left St Andrews and it quickly became a favourite for dinner and drinks. They are very meat focused, but that is where I had the best vegetarian (sweet potato) burger in my life. The Brit and I had graduation dinner there with his family and we all left very happy.


My absolute first meal in St Andrews was at Gorgeous – I had a half panini and a lentil soup. From that point on, I ate there almost every week. The service is fast and kind and the paninis were always absolutely delicious. Definitely one that I miss now.

The Dolls House

My first date with the Brit was at this restaurant – it’s a great mixture of Scottish and French cuisine.

B. Janetta’s

You couldn’t mention St Andrews and ice cream without mentioning Janetta’s. Don’t let yourself be daunted by the large queues that are often lining up along the pavement on sunny days, it is worth the wait and it usually goes pretty fast anyway. Bonus – favourite flavour: Ferrero Rocher!

A guide to eating out in

Ever visit St Andrews? Which one sounds the best?xx

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