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June: A Recap in 15 Photos

The month of June was a terrific one. The temperature has climbed, I caught up with some friends, spent quality time with my family and was reunited with my boyfriend. Now that July has arrived, I wanted to do a recap of the last month all in pictures!


The highlight of my month was probably being reunited with this guy. The Brit has been here for three wonderful weeks but is sadly leaving in a couple of days.


The World Cup has been underway for a few weeks and with my dad and other family members, we’ve been following the games, with a close eye on Chile. Still shattered at the fact that they lost the game against Brazil, which they clearly dominated!


We’ve been visiting around the lovely city of Montreal with the boyfriend. After being here in December, Montreal in June is a VERY different experience! We brought him to the observatory to have a wonderful view over the city.


We also visited the old port and old Montreal, under the blazing heat of late June.


We even visited the underground of the city at the Pointe-a-Calliere museum.


We went up north in Mauricie and it was absolutely gorgeous, despite the rain!


We visited Ottawa, the capital, in the heat.


We visited the parliament and went up the tower of peace to get a great view over the town.


Blogging wise: I wrote 19 posts, got nominated for the Liebster Award, sponsored the lovely Amanda, guest posted for the sweet Claire, linked for 4 Travel Tuesdays and gained about 100 followers. So proud!


I celebrated my 25th birthday with friends and family. Here is the lovely group of girls (plus the bf) who attended, most of whom I befriended around the age of 12. I got some lovely gifts and received wishes, videos and recordings from friends across the world. I miss lots of my friends who are abroad, but was very happy to be home to celebrate.


My dad and I discovered the best Chilean restaurant in town (post to follow on this) and I had the best empadas fritas de queso since leaving Chile. The best ever will always be my grandmother’s empanadas.


We feasted on sushi when Chile eliminated Spain #sorrynotsorry It’s a selection from a small shop that just opened in our neighbourhood. Delicious!


Hosted an afternoon tea with my lovely girlfriends for my birthday.


Ate and shared a Paris-Brest cake with my friends and family for my 25th birthday.


Made the boyfriend taste a Beaver Tail, a Canadian classic! It’s fried dough, and whatever topping you like! He tried cheesecake and I got chocolate and banana. Delicious!

* * * *

This was my month of June! Lovely month, July has big shoes to fill! What have you been up to this last month? Tasted, visited, or seen anything interesting? xx

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