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Uncollected Thoughts About Edinburgh

Uncollected thoughts edinburgh

– I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s impossible to have picture perfect hair in Scotland.

– On that note, I’m not missing the St Andrews wind – weather here seems warmer for that reason!

– Dogs are so well behaved here – their owners not so much, since there is so much poop on the sidewalks!

– I also never expected this many smokers.

– I wish that people would say sorry more often when they bump into you.

– Walking on cobblestones is a real sport!

– With all the hills, I will have the best legs and the best butt after living in this city!

– Jaywalking is basically the most dangerous thing about this place.

– If I thought that the Royal Mile was distressing – well Princes Street on a Saturday afternoon is probably what hell looks like.

– I still cannot get over how gorgeous Arthur’s Seat is.

Have a lovely Monday everyone!
Anyone else has trouble with cobblestones?xx

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