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A Stop by the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market


I had never been to a farmers’ market before moving to the UK two years ago and I loved the one in St Andrews! Unlike the one in St Andrews that was only once every month, the Edinburgh farmers’ market is every single Saturday on Castle Terrace. So if you’re living in Edinburgh, or even just visiting, it’s well worth walking among the various stalls of the market. There was all kinds of products and I felt almost overwhelmed, because I wanted to buy it all!

farmers market


So due to a late night I had the night before, I only got up and made it up to Castle Terrace at 1pm that one particular Saturday. It was my goal to take picture, experience the market and also get to know which producers were attending. I hadn’t really planned on buying anything, but more to browse. Since I’m now living in Edinburgh, I thought that it was better to gauge the products and also the prices before diving head on. I would have plenty of other chances to come back.


Obviously, because I arrived so late, many of the stalls had closed or ran out of lots of stuff. Sadly, this meant that I couldn’t browse exactly like I wanted to. But there were lots of vegetables, lots of jams and chutneys, and lots of meat as well. Some seafood, but because I had only been in the UK for about 1-2 weeks at that point, I was afraid to buy something and realising it was crazy expensive afterwards. My dear Brit wasn’t there to help me out with that one since he was away at a football game that same day.


Then I came upon a nice stall, which name made me laugh…yes yes I’m immature #sorrynotsorry. And a product caught my eye – the raspberry and champagne jam. And the man at the stall saw it very quickly and grabbed it to give it to me saying it was a ladies favourite right now. We then got chatting – and this man seriously made my day! He was nice and funny and everything I love about the Scots. He also had a very big accent, especially for an unaccustomed ear like mine, and I missed a few words here and there. But he was lovely! He told me how his wife made the jam and how she loved the champagne, etc. etc. And the jam was AMAZING! So I will definitely be going back to purchase more of it!


Then before I left the stall, I asked if I could take a photo and he said of course and then thanked me, saying that I was the first to ask. This was such a reminder to just be honest and ask people if I want photos, especially if it’s their business! Usually people are super open about it as well, but they will appreciate the fact that you considered them. That’s just my little lesson of the day 🙂


Finally, I went on my way, after some unexpected chat and items bought (I also purchased some lovely pain au chocolat from another stall) and was happy that I had made it out of the house despite the hangover that morning! I mean, have you ever seen a better setting for a farmers’ market, on the terrace just below a thousand year old castle?

What’s your favourite thing to buy at a farmer’s market?xx

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