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German Exchange: Museumsinsel

Hi! We’re back on Germany today! Oh my gosh I started this series such a long while ago and had to stop for a few weeks as I was prepping and moving abroad. But now I’m back and I only have a couple more posts to share with you before I move on to a new series!

Today, I’m simply sharing a little Berlin wisdom with you and giving you a tip on what to see if ever you’re in town – I was absolutely amazed by the Museumsinsel (literally ‘museum island’) in central Berlin! Even if you don’t want to spend your day inside a museum, I would highly recommend at least walking near/around the island. It is beautiful – and it is in walkable distance of Friedrichstrasse. It was built back in the 19th century and was even named one of Berlin’s World Heritage Sites in 1999. It’s pretty impressive, it’s all I’m saying 🙂

museumsinselgirls on the island

As students, we had very large discounts into most museums and we took good advantage of that, visiting a few different museums along our berliner stay.

One of my favourite museums in Berlin was the Deutsches Historisches Museum – it’s always good to have some history from the country itself when you visit – but this one was slightly off the island. On the island itself, my favourite visit was at the ever famous Pergamon Museum. It was absolutely fascinating and breathtaking to see the amazing collections in contained. It has three different wings – and spans from paintings, to sculptures, to various other things. One of the cool thing about this museum is that it contains some of the most amazing real life/ original size /grand pieces of architecture ever reconstructed, like the Pergamon Altar and Ishtar Gate.

pergamon altar

One of the most impressive things in the museum – the Pergamon Altar.

pergamon lion

some of the many statues

pergamon statues


haunting mini statues

painting pairing

one of my favourite photo of art ever

The Pergamon is open 7 days a week and admission is €12/ or €6 for concession. Sadly, I have just read that they have closed down the area of the Pergamon Altar until 2019 – so it might be a while if you want to see this one!

Another insider tip? After our visit – we quickly dashed into Zwolf Apostel, the first place with a wood fired pizza oven in Berlin! It is right across the water from the Pergamon and right under the S-Bahn line. While it can be a bit noisy for some – our group of about 20 had lots of fun and the place, which feels like an underground restaurant, was dark, lit by candles and very cool! While this was about 6-7 years ago – I had amazing pizza there! Highly recommended by 18 year old me 😉

gorgeous pizza

What would be your favourite museum in Berlin?xx

P.S. I have one quick question for you guys before you go! As my time writing about St Andrews and Germany is coming to an end, I want to start a new series soon and I wanted to know what you would like me to talk about first? Or should I alternate? I would really appreciate my lovely readers’ opinion!

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