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Summer Rhymes With Bonfire

Hello lovelies!
I feel I haven’t talked about St Andrews much lately 😉 so here is another one of my nostalgic posts about my second home! It’s been officially a year since I moved out of my flat in St Andrews and I miss it so much! Because it is the end of the summer (sort of, it’s still very warm in Montreal!), I thought I would share my favourite thing about summers in Scotland!

It’s been a while since I talked about St Andrews, so if you need a reminder check here and here. As I have mentioned before, the various beaches really make the town the beauty it is. If you walk 20 minutes in any direction (toward the sea obviously) you’ll probably end up on a beach with an amazing view over the North Sea.

In the autumn, you will see gatherings on the beach and perhaps fireworks over the water. In the winter, the sea will be totally unchained, or perhaps motionless, pretending the cold weather isn’t haunting its surface. On May 1st, students will run into the bitter waves for no other reason than tradition. By the summer, you’ll be able to witness students playing frisbee, enjoying the sea air and perhaps even dipping their toes into the sea once again.

However, my absolute favourite thing about the summer spent in St Andrews was having a bonfire.bonfire big

One thing I particularly like in Scotland is that the nights are rarely hot. I mean in Montreal sometimes you can’t sleep it’s so hot! None of that in Scotland! Often, my friends and I would meet up by our favourite beach, Castle Sands, (we called it our beach by the end) with some bbqs, some food and blankets and set up for the evening/night.bonfire ocean

Is there anything more picturesque than being in a village that is about a thousand years old? Relaxing on a beach that stands by the North Sea? Where the clouds are reflected into the water and you can smell the salt of the sea? I think not!reflection bonfire

Often we were alone, just us. The St Andrews family. We’d pick up wood where we could and set up a fire to warm ourselves up as we chatted, drank and laughed our nights away. It was well earned, after hours spent in the library pretending studying.bonfire friends

Some of my favourite nights were spent on that beach. And I hope one day I get to go back with all these amazing people and open a bottle of expensive champagne (because ‘why not’, right?) and cheer to that amazing year, when we all met in St Andrews.bonfire photo

 What’s your favourite summer activity?xx

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