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The Traveller’s Captivated Glance {Guest Post}

Happy Thursday everyone!

Today I’m replacing my normal bucket list/Edinburgh post with a special post from a person dear to my heart who wanted to guest post on my blog. She is an aspiring writer and a fellow French Canadian who loves to travel. She doesn’t have a blog yet but I’m encouraging her to create her own and I hope you guys, about the most supportive community ever, will also have kind and encouraging words!

When I happen to be driving for a very long distance, and here I mean up to 1000km in one day, it is so easy to let myself fall into a state of daydream.

So many things can seize my attention :

1. I gaze at the landscapes that pass me at 50 – 70 -90 km/hour. Behind every curve a surprise is hiding. Especially in the colourful forest of autumn!

forest autumn

2. I take a lot of time looking over and thinking about the names of the villages or the towns. I imagine the origin behind them. I then promise myself that I will look it up in a guide, sooner than later, to finally know the true origins of the poetic names like Sayabec, Amqui, Bic, Kamouraska, Miguasha, etc. What once happened in those places?

road trip

3. I also observe my surroundings and try to find curious and interesting decorations or architectural details, to see what really makes places unique.

quirky towns

4. I take quick photos through the window to try and catch the magic that I have witnessed in those places, and pretend my trip isn’t as long as it is.

5. I find interest in clouds and I name them all cumulo-strato-cirrus and proclaim loud and clear that it will rain or be a nice day. I also love to look for shapes. I learned that this interest has a name : pareidolia. I therefore diagnosed myself with pareidolia, and I’m quite proud of that!


6. The bell towers of the churches as well are so beautiful. We can notice them from so far in the horizon.

7. Finally, I have a deep fascination with barns. It probably dates from my youth days spent on a farm, with the little kittens, the smell of the fresh milk, etc. I find that barns evoke a time that has now passed, or a more present time, depending on the state of the building.

road trip barn

What catches your attention during long trips?


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