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Why a Walk in Greenmarket is a Must

Hi! Happy Travel Tuesday everyone!

Today we are still on the quest to get to know Cape Town more as I am still recounting my first week in South Africa. After a morning at the beach, some delicious braai and a day at the V&A, T, her mother and I headed out for a bright day out in the city.

We parked closed to the famous Long Street and then headed through Greenmarket Square. It’s famous for its stalls of art and african crafts. I felt too shy to ask any of the stallholders for pictures, so I got one as we were about to exit, but trust me in saying that it was full of absolutely beautiful paintings, sculptures, jewellery, etc.

greenmarketgreenmarket 2

After admiring the art and considering buying paintings and wood carvings to stuff them in my suitcase on my way back to the Northern Hemisphere, we headed straight into the Company’s Garden.

company's gardengreenmarket cathedral

We passed the St George’s Cathedral and a very underrated House of Parliament – where we saw many prayers for Madiba as this was mere weeks before he sadly passed away. We saw the South African Library – I have a things for beautiful libraries!


house of parliament in cape town

greenmarket parliamentmadiba

garden library

national library

We made friends with some birds and some little squirrels. They were either not afraid of humans or very very hungry, because they were very willing to eat out of people’s hand.

squirrel garden squirrel

We finally headed into the Delville Wood Memorial Garden after having a look at the South African National Gallery. We were right beneath Signal Hill and it gave us a breathtaking look upon the iconic mountains of this city.

sa nat gallery

national gallery

memorial garden

memorial garden

us in the gardengarden and mountain

We then ended our walk by walking down Long Street and back to the car. It’s apparently a great street for a night out – but we never made it out there during the night. During the day, it was a lovely walk – it weirdly reminded me of Chile in some ways. The street is full of unique and quirky boutiques, of delicious looking restaurants and little bookshops. The street is also famous for its Victorian and Cape Dutch architecture.

down long street long street long street architecture

To summarise, this was a gorgeous walk! We’ve discussed this before and I think we all agree that walking through a new city is the best way to get a feel for it and get to know it better. This was definitely a great day to get a feel for Cape Town!

And while our day didn’t end there, I shall end today’s post here and leave you a little teaser for next week’s post!

post teaser

Do you prefer walking through gardens or through busy streets in a new place?xx

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