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A Few Hours in Mallaig

few hours

Hi! Oh no yesterday I ended up being super busy and attending a 3 hour writer’s group after work and forgot that I had scheduled this post! Please excuse my horribleness and appreciate the following post and beautiful photos…

You’ve probably read about my adventure on the Jacobite Steam Train aka the Harry Potter train last week. Best gift ever, we all agree, right? 

Well while the Brit and I did a return journey between Fort William and Mallaig on that fabulous old style steam train – we had a few hours to kill in Mallaig. 

Mallaig isn’t very big at all – it’s a tiny port village in the Highlands with less than a 1000 inhabitants. People may know about it because of the important port that links mainland Scotland with the Isle of Skye and of course because of the Jacobite Steam Train. 

We spent barely a few hours there and I’m pretty sure we saw everything. We walked around a little and mainly went to enjoy the sea views. What we absolutely enjoy and that I would highly recommend if you do end up in Mallaig is to stop by the Steam Inn to have some gorgeous seafood. 

While most of the tourists stopped at the fish and chip shops we wanted to enjoy a real seafood lunch. We discovered the Steam Inn online as one of the best places to have seafood in the village and we just couldn’t pass it by. 

When we got there, it was nearly empty – there was no one except a few locals and a few people just about to get on the ferry. We felt like we truly found a hidden gem in the town!

Our food was excellent – and as you may notice from the photos, I was absolutely stunned by the portion I was given! Everyone in the Inn came up to take a photo and laugh at the tiny Canadian who was going to attempt to eat it all. Well I nearly did! 

mallaig port sign mallaig 2 port mallaig steam inn mallaig seafood mallaig mallaig seafood 2

brit mallaig steam inn 2 mallaig boats mallaig skye mallaig boat skye

Ever been to Mallaig? Do you enjoy seafood?xx

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