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Bake Along | Religieuse a l’ancienne

religieuse 2

Guys! I swear I tried! So hard!

Last week after watching the Great British Bake Off I decided that I would attempt the nearly impossible : the Religieuse a l’Ancienne! I saw the contestants struggle and their towers lean and fall and I still thought I could manage it…funny, right? 

So I made the eclairs and that went well! I’m actually super proud of how they came out because I made some earlier this year and they were awful. 

I followed this recipe and it’s pretty simple : 

Melt some butter and water in a pan. When it’s boiling add the flour and mix quickly. It will create a nice dough. Let cool down in a bowl. Add the eggs and whisk until it’s a good piping consistency. Then simply pipe in the shape you want and place in the oven for about 20 minutes. 

Boom! Done!

religieuse 3

The rest is a matter of inserting the cream in and covering in chocolate. I almost made a second kind of eclair with some maple syrup, but this was tedious and preferred to keep it simple.

Then came the real nightmare!

I’m not good at building stuff – much less building stuff with food!

I wanted to make two layers of eclairs with a choux on top but the two bases I made were so crumbly they basically collapsed. I didn’t have anything to put my second layer on! And, I had trouble with my caramel, my eclairs just weren’t sticking and so kept collapsing in a huge mess. 

Yep – this is an eclairs mess! New name!


All in all it was delicious, despite my architectural flaws…

Ever tried to make an edible tower?xx


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