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Bakfickan & Mårten Trotzig | Eating out in Stockholm

When we were in Stockholm, we knew we weren’t going to eat out a lot. Nordic countries are known for their expensive dining experiences. However, because we were out around the new year period, we wanted to treat ourselves to a nice dinner and a nice lunch.

We ate at two delicious restaurant which we would more than recommend! Here are some reviews to give you inspiration for eating out in Stockholm: 


Bakfickan is a tiny wee restaurant, perfect for a casual lunch while you’re visiting in town. It is situated right behind the opera house in Östermalm, across the river from the Royal Palace.

The Brit really wanted meatballs – because what else to have while in Sweden than Swedish meatballs! A few of the hip places for meatballs, such as Meatballs for the people, are situated in Södermalm. Unfortunately that is a bit of a walk if you’re in the midst of visiting in Gamla Stan like we were. So instead we opted to try the meatballs at Bakfickan, which a few websites recommended.

The ambiance was relaxed and we sat at the long bar as most other diners. It only sits 28 people so it has a cosy atmosphere.

I ordered a lovely little crayfish toast while the Brit feasted on some meatballs. They serve their meatballs in a cream sauce, with sides of potatoes puree, pickled cucumber and lingonberries. It was both delicious!

Mårten Trotzig

Since we were in Stockholm over New Year’s Eve, we decided to go out for a fancy dinner with some of our friends who were also in town. We booked a table nearly a month in advance to ensure we would get a table. I highly recommend you also do that if you can and are dining in Stockholm over such a big holiday.

We booked at Mårten Trotzig because it offered a good selection of meat but also seafood (for me!). We thought we could order à la carte, but on the night we discovered we couldn’t, which was a disappointment. Well, it was New Year’s Eve, so why not treat ourselves to a special menu!

The ambiance was busy on December 31st of course, but we had a lovely table on the top floor of the restaurant. Everything was so beautiful, soothing colours like white and grey, candles and wood everywhere, a real hygge dream.

We started with a lovely entrée of cheese tartlet, fish roe and cream. It all sounded very strange paired together, but it was absolutely delicious! It was followed by reindeer for my three dinner partners, and fish for me. Finally, we finished with a crème brûlée. It was amazing and I’m so glad we booked there for dinner. The wine was also lovely all around!

It was obviously a bit dear, price wise, but that’s why it was a treat!

If you want to treat yourself to a nice dining out experience in Stockholm, I can recommend both of these restaurants!

Do you like a nice (foodie) treat when you travel?xx

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