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Calzones Rotos Recipe for the Chilean Fiestas Patrias

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Today, the 18 September, is the independence day of Chile and despite the recent problems in the country – my thoughts are with everyone affected by the earthquakes and tsunamis – this weekend is still a weekend of celebration!

Chileans – because they sure know how – celebrate their independence day over two days and it’s called the fiestas patrias. 

With my family in Montreal we often had empanadas on the day and feasted on traditional pastries and sopaipillas. Of course today I’m not home and I’m nowhere near a Chilean restaurant, so to celebrate on my own I decided to recreate a dessert that my grandmother used to make – calzones rotos!

I found this recipe online and my dad approved of it (he lost his recipe and couldn’t send it to me sadly). It’s very simple!

Throw all the dry ingredients in a bowl, then add the beaten eggs and butter to it and knead until it makes a good dough. Roll out into a rectangle (though you can see I can’t roll a rectangle to save my life) and cut into smaller rectangles. My trick is to use a pizza roll cutter – works wonders! Make a small slit into all of the smaller rectangles and then twist inside out – the photos will explain this better! The rest is to fry them up (an average of 3 minutes per batches) and serve them with some powdered sugar. Voila! 

Okay it sounds harder than I anticipated but I swear it’s super simple and fast to make – less than 1 hour for sure!

calzones rotos calzones rotos 2 calzones rotos 3 calzones rotos 4 calzones rotos 5 calzones rotos 6

Don’t they look delicious? Ever had them?xx

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