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Top Reasons to Ride Aboard the Jacobite Steam Train

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Before leaving for Montreal back in June, knowing we would be apart for my 26th birthday, the Brit had left me an envelope to open on the day. It took all my will power not to open it ahead of time, but then the time came and while having my breakfast that morning, I opened it to find tickets to the Jacobite Steam Train (aka the Harry Potter train). *Cue tears. Yes yes I’m a very emotional person but to me this was the perfect gift and I was so touched that he had remembered how much I had been wanting to do it. 

So thanks to him, we kicked ourselves into the travelling mood to start August with a bang. We travelled up to Fort William on the 1st August and the next morning we were doing a return trip on the Jacobite Steam Train between Fort William and Mallaig.

Oh my word, I can’t even describe to you the feelings I had! It is a charming train to take and magnificent route to witness. You’re probably already convinced right? Well here are the 3 best reasons to ride the Jacobite steam train and many more photos to show the beauty of the journey. 

Pleasant travel

It is most definitely one of the coolest trains I have ever been on! The Brit and I are both a bit motion sick but this train runs so smoothly, that didn’t even cross our minds. The atmosphere of the train is also a very nice one since everyone on it is basically a huge dork or keen tourists – I tell you that makes for some great conversation and fun atmosphere. 
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Harry Potter dorkiness

Obviously, you must know by now that I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd – this was one of the main reasons for wanting to ride the Jacobite. I was so excited to see the Glenfinnan Viaduct and to stop at the Glenfinnan station. Despite not wearing a HP shirt to not look like a complete dork on the train, I still nerded out completely when I found a broom at the station. Yes yes I’m even providing a photo as proof. You’re welcome.
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Gorgeous views

You probably won’t be prepared for how beautiful this train ride is going to be. Scotland is a gorgeous country full of beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views, and this is definitely not an exception. While the train snakes through the countryside and the mountains, there is so much to see and photography. 

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What has been your favourite train journey?xx

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