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3 Days and 3 English Towns

To be completely honest with you, I haven’t visited England very well. I’ve been to a fair few places in England, but I’m always in and out. Remember how I said I was always running through London? Well that is true of most places I have visited in England.

I’ve been through Newcastle, and Sheffield and Lancaster and Burton and Derby and Birmingham among others.

So today I thought I would bring you through 3 towns I have visited in England – one you surely heard about and two smaller ones that were worth the few hours I spent there!

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3 english towns

One of my first days in England with the Brit – we went down to Stratford-upon-Avon. Everyone knows that one, of course! The town is ever famous for being the birthplace of William Shakespeare. The theatre and literature fanatic in me was just very happy – we went to the Royal Shakespeare Company and saw his house and all the statues to the various plays and characters across town.

We didn’t do anything specific but we walked around town all day and I really enjoyed it! I thought it was so quaint – it had lovely greeneries everywhere and the canal was the cutest thing too. We also had a lovely lunch on the main street next to the theatre.

The one thing I didn’t like about it was how touristy it was! Oh my gosh, just people everywhere! I mean this was September last year so it’s still tourist season, but it was definitely full everywhere.

stratford stratford 2 stratford 3 stratford 4 stratford 5 stratford 6

On my second trip down to England, we spent an afternoon in Lichfield, which is kind of close to where the Brit grew up. I really liked Lichfield, I mean there was nothing very special about it, but it felt very cosy, it felt right. The one thing that really come to mind when you think about Lichfield is the cathedral – it is stunning! And I just googled it again and it said it is the birthplace of Samuel Johnson, who apparently wrote the first Dictionary of the English Language. How fascinating!

lichfield lichfield 2 lichfield 3

Finally, on my last trip down to England, around last Christmas, we spent a cold cold day in Ashby-de-la-Zouch. We kind of just looked at a map and decided to head there because I loved the name – it made me giggle!

Ashby was the cutest little thing and reminded me a bit of St Andrews with its 3 streets! I mean the winter colours make it look a bit drab, but that’s just the winter. It was a lovely walk through the town followed by a stop to the castle. And with our Historic Scotland membership, the woman decided to let us in for free – we’ll take it! The view from up the main tower was great too, as you will see below!

ashby 14 ashby 12


ashby 2 ashby 3 ashby 4 ashby 5 ashby 6 ashby 7 ashby 8 ashby 9 ashby 10 ashby 11 ashby 13

So here it is, three towns to add to your list of places to visit! You can tell I wasn’t a blogger back when I visited the first few towns, there are not that many photos, but believe me in saying they were all very cute and worth the day trip!

What’s your favourite town to visit in England?xx

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