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Shipwrecked at Land’s End | Guest Post

Hello lovelies! I hope you’re doing well on this fabulous Tuesday! As I mentioned recently, I’m currently in Italy for the week! Yay holiday! While I’m away, I have some amazing bloggers taking over for me! I’m so lucky that these lovely ladies actually wanted to write up a little something and share their travel experiences on my blog. Each and everyone of them is amazing, so please feel free to explore their own blogs after seeing them up here!

Today we have the lovely Holly from Full of Beans and Sausages sharing a post about Cornwall, which I am dying to see! I love Holly’s blog because we are living through the same things but reverse as she’s a British expat in Canada. She’s super crafty, writes really well and always have some great post and photos up on her blog!


Hello readers of Adventitious Violet! My name is Holly and usually I can be found over at Full of Beans and Sausages but today I am here, blogging whilst Camila is off on her adventures! I want to thank Camila so much for letting me have this space on her blog to share a story with you!

I want to take you with me on a little adventure today. It is an adventure that I have been on many times and an adventure that is over a decade old.

The RMS Mulheim was on a journey, in May 2003, transporting several thousand tonnes of scrap car plastic from Cork to Germany, when disaster struck her. She was just off the Cornish coastline when low lying fog descended. Her chief officer has suffered a fall (when his trouser leg caught on a lever) and had been rendered unconscious. By the time he regained consciousness it was already too late.

There were no injuries but the ship was wrecked at Lands End, in Cornwall. The mess was pretty bad. In September 2003, my parents were married at the Lands End hotel and even those months later, there was still a lot of debris, so much plastic being washed ashore. Plastic doesn’t break down in the sea and so the impact it had was really quite significant.

When it first hit land it was a huge great big ship that was wrecked but in October 2003, it split in half, leaving half behind. I continued to go and visit the wreck over the years. I watched as the graffiti changed, as the paint turned to rust and as large parts of it fell away. Now, there is a sign that warns people against climbing down to it. It can’t be either secured or removed because of its positioning and, as it slowly wastes away, it is becoming less and less stable.

The wreck is situated in a small inlet that is accessible via a coastal path. Of course, I have climbed down to it and inspected it, that was before the warning sign was erected though. It is eerie to see a shipwreck, much less touch it and climb onto it. To know what it once was, sailing the seas with a fresh lick of paint. To understand the work that went into building it and to imagine the people who laid hands on it over the years. To think of the service it provided but to now see it as it is – tipped onto its side, torn in half, abandoned and slowly being stripped away, piece by piece.

The photographs that I want to share with you are photos that I took in 2003 (after it had split in half) and a photo from 2009. Can you see the difference?

Coastal Path Sennon to Lands End 900px Lands End Ship Wreck 900px Pics from Mums computer 541 900px Pics from Mums computer 542 900px Pics from Mums computer 900px shipwrecked at Lands End 900px


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