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Bloubergstrand, or, a Morning at the Beach

Happy Travel Tuesday everyone!

It’s December – right about the time of the year where I wish I could travel and I’m so happy to have this blogosphere to keep me wanderlusting and imagining all the amazing trips I could take!

Yesterday also marked the one year of the last time I saw my person. And so I love to be able to go through this amazing adventure we had together in South Africa and sharing it with everyone.

Today – in the SA series – we continue on with my trip. In the first few days, after the waterfront, delicious sushi and an entertaining braai, we woke up early one morning to head to the beach with T’s parents. And it wasn’t just any beach, it was Bloubergstrand!

bloubergstrand 3

Bloubergstrand is a neighbourhood at the north of the city centre of Cape Town. It has a gorgeous seaside and is just across the bay from the iconic Table Mountain. About the best place to have a Sunday morning walk!


So while T‘s dad was away running and swimming, us girls walked across the beach and grabbed some tea & coffee at one of the seaside cafes.

bloubergstrand 5

The view was absolutely breathtaking! I had never seen such a beautiful beach before and such white sand! I had heard of it, but it was the first time I was seeing how magnificent it is in person. It felt like the sand was shining in the sun. That’s how great white sand is! (and perhaps a bit hurtful to the naked eye…)

bloubergstrand 4

surfers in the foreground – robben island in the background

bloubergstrand 6

At the end of the walk, and after T‘s dad came back from his swim, we had a lovely breakfast and then headed home. That didn’t happen without a hitch though! Her dad loves old cars and we had used one that morning. And well, the car decided not to start as we were trying to leave Bloubergstrand. So we basically had the push the car so it could start! I found it hilarious and have named it our own little miss sunshine moments!

bloubergstrand 2

This post is dedicated to those utterly unbelievable and yet so ordinary morning we have when we travel. Moments that make us stop and think how lucky we are!

Do you have a favourite beach memory?xx


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