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From the top of the Shard | London

I want to finish off talking about my London trip with the way I ended that trip – the last big event of the weekend was going up the Shard. At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it, but when I asked for suggestions about my upcoming trip to Marcella, she wrote a post and the Shard was on there. It solidified my idea that perhaps I should treat myself.

going up the Shard

I then splurged and bought myself a ticket with a champagne glass as well – and the best thing? I timed it with the sunset of the day.

So after a lovely day on a Blate with Marcella, we left off at the Shard around 5:30. I headed up a bit earlier than intended and got up there just in time to catch the view over the city in the beautiful sunlight. I saw it transform on one side and get all different shades of orange and pink. And finally, I saw the city turn to darkness.

shard 2 shard 3 shard 4

The range of views offered over the Shard is amazing and it’s basically 360 as well. I loved it. I felt like a tiny dot in the universe since London spanned far beyond what I could see. And yet despite it all I was there, present at the top of the world looking down at tiny cars and tiny people and tiny boats roam around. I felt powerful and humble, all at once.

shard 5 shard 6 shard 7 shard 8

It is pretty expensive to go up the Shard, but I do think it was highly worth it! I would definitely go again!

What is your favourite view over a city?xx

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