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My perfect day in Glasgow

Since I fell in love with Glasgow in 2015, the Brit and I have gone back to Glasgow many times. I don’t know Glasgow as well as I know Edinburgh but I do know how to spend a really nice day out there. Because my post about my perfect day in Edinburgh was so popular I thought I’d do a series around Scotland. Today is all about my perfect day in Glasgow.

To be honest, the main thing I would like is for it not to rain. Glasgow is nearly twice as rainy as Edinburgh and that kills my mood. I was there once and it felt like a tsunami. Mel and I ended up in a public bathroom drying our socks and shoes off for a while. So perfect day would be sunny and beautiful of course!

Obviously I would start with brunch. I’m obsessed with brunch if you didn’t know… Last time we were in town we stopped by a lovely place in the West End.

We would then walk off that delicious brunch. I love walking around the West End because it’s my favourite part of town. The tall sandstone building are just gorgeous!

I’d go to the botanics to read a little and enjoy the sun.

I always love to go sit down on the Gilmorehill campus of the University of Glasgow. The front of the iconic university faces toward the city and gives an amazing skyline view, with at the forefront the gorgeous Kelvinside.

You know I love tea and cake and while I don’t have that many friends in Glasgow, I’m sure we’d find someone willing to share some tea and cake. My favourite cake stop would be the Willow Tea Rooms. 

The best thing to do after that, to appreciate the sunshine, is to go by the waterside. Walk from one bridge to the next or cross and come back via another bridge. It’s lovely! 

We would obviously finish the day eating at a cool restaurant in the Merchant City, perhaps even catching a dance or opera show at one of the many city centre theatres. 

perfect day in glasgow - merchant city

Have you been to Glasgow? What would be your top recommendation?xx


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