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Small victories and happiness lately (#4)

Another week gone and we’re almost in November already! I haven’t posted in two months, which is very me this year it seems! Work has been keeping me busy with writing of all kinds, and the weddings and visa application have been our personal mountains to climb this year. 

The last update I gave was in July when we’d just come back from our whirlwind trip to Canada. Here are the highlights of the last few months:  

>> The biggest highlight is definitely having my spouse visa renewed. It cost an arm and a leg, but so pleased that this step is behind us. I’m now allowed to be here until 2022 yay!

>> In July, we attended the wedding of two of our wonderful friends, R & D! It was so beautiful and we felt very lucky to join them on the day. We also recently said goodbye to them as they moved to Sweden. I feel a trip to Scandinavia coming up!

>> The Brit went to spend a week in England with his parents and I joined them for the weekend to visit York! What a fabulous city! It rained the whole time, but still loved it! 

>> I attended many shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and Book Festivals. That included Jessie Cave’s show, Sunrise, a recording of the Guilty Feminist, and a talk about Gender in the 21st century.

>> I hosted a super successful (aka sold out!) pub quiz for St Andrews alumni! I was so stressed, but it went so well! 

>> I was reunited with a friend from undergrad! She moved back to Australia after graduation and so I hadn’t seen her since 2011. It was so great to catch up as she popped over to Scotland to see us!

>> The Brit’s parents came up for the weekend in September and we did a few drives around. We finally got to visit the nearby Drummond Castle Gardens. They are grand, lavish and a treat to roam around!

>> I made my first scones! I’m obsessed with them now!

>> My office planned so many fun outings around town throughout the months. We have a great social life at work as our company is high on the ‘work-life balance’. My two favourites? A boat trip on the Firth of Forth at night, and the DELICIOUS tasting menu at Martin Wishart Restaurant (pumpkin risotto til death!).  Did I mention I love my job? 

>> We celebrated the Brit’s birthday with a day trip to the east coast. We drank some bubbly on the beach at Gullane in the gorgeous sun and even dipped our toes into the sea. Later we had dinner at the Bonnie Badger, ’cause my husband is a proud Hufflepuff. The last heyday of summer!

>> I went wedding dress shopping with a lovely girlfriend who’s recently gotten engaged!

>> We decided to take home the Brit’s old Nintendo 64 and we’ve been having lots of fun (and frustration) with it! I love Mario Kart but god I’m a sore loser!

>> We spent a fun day in Glasgow, attending the first birthday of a friends’ son.

>> I’ve been reading a lot. My highlights have been How to Stop Time, Let me Tell You This and Inferior

>> I attended a two-day dance workshop in Edinburgh. It was 10 different dance styles for nearly 12 hours, plus yoga and pilates. My body was tired but oh so happy after it all. 

>> I’ve been running every week, at the moment twice a week (three if I can just about manage!). I am after all, sorta training up for the half-marathon in Edinburgh next year!

>> Last weekend, we went to The Enchanted Forest, a popular light-show in the forest near Pitlochry in the Highlands. What a fun and beautiful evening! I’ll definitely be buying tickets for next year!

What have you been up to lately?xx

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