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Second Month in Scotland by the Numbers

Hi everyone!

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my American friends and readers! Happy St Andrews Day for all the (adoptive) Scots out there!  And welcome to December! So many wonderful things to celebrate this weekend!

Today also marks two months since my return to Scotland! Yay me! As you may have noticed, it has been a difficult time for me to come back to the UK, look for work, etc. And I thank you all, expats and bloggers everywhere, for your kind comments and words of encouragements! It really helps to know I’m not alone in having had difficult times at the beginning of this new journey!

The month of November was a hard one once again but it ended on a great note! Scroll down and you’ll see why! It started with the same feelings I had in October – the difficulty of the immigration process and finding work as an expat. Among other things, I did a few little trips, had a few dates with the Brit, and accepted the temporary job of working at the Christmas market here in Edinburgh. But it turned into so much more!

Here is my second month in Scotland by the numbers:

( 1 ) sushi date with the Brit.

bonsai sushi

( 4 ) seasons of Parks & Rec watched and loved!

( 3 ) authors studied at the Writers’ Museum.


(Countless) fireworks witnessed at my first Guy Fawkes Night.


( 23 ) episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer watched in a semi-marathon attempt.

( 1 ) Italian date with the Brit.

italian date

( 3 ) reunions with friends I hadn’t seen in so long – although some very short. But there is no better feeling than being reunited!

( 8 ) hours spent in North Berwick – post to come shortly about this!

north berwick

( 9 ) days working at the Christmas Market – it hasn’t been the best, but only 7 days to go!

(A dozen) mussels eaten on another date night with the Brit.

mussel inn

( 10 + ) wonderful expat women met at my first GGI meeting!

( 9 ) hours in Stirling – post to come very soon on this subject!


( 1 ) more castle checked off my list!

stirling castle

( 20 ) mins spent playing dress up – yes, this was a children’s corner and no, I didn’t care!

stirling dress

( 1 ) interview + job offer!!!!!  Last week I had my second real interview since being in the UK and I got offered the job a mere hours later! It was the best feeling, especially with how much I wanted this particular job at the uni! It’s needless to say that I accepted the offer shortly thereafter, and I’m looking forward to this new challenge! It will mean lots of changes for the Brit and I and perhaps even for this blog, but I will share it all with you only once everything becomes official! But we’re definitely excited about it all!

So overall, November had its ups and downs, and I’m kind of happy it’s over to be honest! But it ended on such a great note and I have lots to look forward to for December, my third month in Scotland!

How was your month of November?xx

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