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Seventh Month in Scotland by the Numbers

Can you believe it’s already May? Gosh you must be sick of hearing me say that but aren’t the months just flying by? I thought April was a pretty long month and yet it flew by!

seventh month scotland

This month was much quieter after such a busy and exciting and stressful March. However the month started on a bang – the Brit went through a mini viva on April 1st and the stress of his PhD finally slowed down a bit. Two days later, we were on our way for our first road trip and my first time on the West coast of Scotland! Later in the month there was a LOT of work, I even worked during a weekend to help out with applicants day. And we ended the month passing through Edinburgh a few times, as per usj!

Here is my seventh month in Scotland by the numbers: 

{ 3 days of road trip / first official trip with the Brit }

road trip

{ First time driving on the left side }


{ 2 almost missed ferries (we actually missed one…but that’s a long story) }


{ 2 Scottish isles visited }

isle iona

{ Countless near death experiences on Mull single track roads }

near death driving

{ 2 bowls of delicious seafood in Tobermory }


{ About 200 sheep seen }

sheep iona

{ A couple of Highland cows too }

highland cow

{ 9 hours spent in Edinburgh for a meeting/birthday/sushi/casual hang out }

{ 5 apples slices and cooked in my first ‘kuchen’ abroad – a family recipe! }

{ 9 bloggers met at Jamie’s Scottish Night in Edinburgh }

I will be posting a vlog of our road trip very soon – but it’s taken a little more time than expected because a lot of the footage isn’t very good. The road trip was so emotional, so many mistakes and wrong turns were taken and the stress really affected my capacity to just hold a camera in general. I filmed an entire minute of film with the focus on my eye…not so interesting haha

Also, this month I realised that I don’t feel very fulfilled and when I think of things I want to do, finishing my book is at the top of that list, so I decided to cut back on blogging and focus on writing daily. I finally figured out an ending and trajectory to my story, so I will try to focus on that and cut back to posting 2-3 times a week max.

On that note, I’m looking forward to May! We’re taking it slowly, doing a few Scottish trips during the weekends and trying to finally get our flat ready for our housewarming!

What will you be up to in May?xx

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