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How I Packed for my Weekend in London

Happy Friday! So I know I said I was done talking about London, but today I thought I would do a quick little fluffy post about how to pack for a weekend in London!

British weather is definitely known for being unreliable and changing. So it’s always a bit tricky, if you’re like me, to be prepared for all conditions. What I did was …not prepare very well. While I’ve learned from my past experience, I have actually never been in London during bad weather, so I thought I might get lucky once more! Though now I realise I’ve probably jinxed myself…

Since I did my 10-day backpacking trip down France and Switzerland back in January 2013, I’ve become great at packing only a carry-on. Here are my two rules:
1. Bring clothes that won’t show dirt or creases too much and that you can rewear a few times.
2. Steal Borrow your unsuspecting host’s toiletries so you don’t have to bother hauling them around with you.

On that Thursday, I headed to London with only a small backpack with my camera, a few toiletries, and one tiny umbrella I bought back in October and have only used twice since. The bulk of it was my clothes and here is what i packed:

Weekend in London


Wearing upon departure:
– Dress (though not the best to travel – it was easier to be already dressed for my arrival in London)
– Coat
– High heeled boots

– 1 pair of black jeans
– 3 shirts
– Underwear for 3 days
– Purse and sunglasses for every day use

My best trick is to go for the bare minimum. While it’s easier said than done, when you’re off on a city break, and you know what you will be doing, it’s usually easy to prepare. Temperature was pretty stable so I wore my heels and my coat the entire weekend and the black jeans really transitioned well from day to day.

What is your best tip for packing for a city break?xx

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