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My First Week in Scotland : The Beauty

Hi! Following up on yesterday is a bit of a hard thing to do I think – but if anything, I’m glad that I reminded all of you to back up your computers 😉

So I went on a big rant yesterday – but I don’t want you to think that I’m not happy here! It’s been hard and emotional and stressful – but there are so many positives and every day that I wake up here actually feels like a dream!

Edinburgh is straight out of a fairytale. Every day I see Arthur’s Seat and marvel that I witness this back drop on a daily basis. Edinburgh Castle is just stunning – I mean how many people can say that on their daily walk they can look up and there is a castle right there?! My neighbour is basically the Queen. Let’s be honest – I’m damn lucky and I shouldn’t complain!

I thought that today I would simply share with you the beauty that I have witnessed and photographed around this city – mainly in my first week here! Enjoy!

edinburgh 1 edinburgh 2 edinburgh 3 edinburgh 4 edinburgh 5 edinburgh 6 edinburgh 7 edinburgh 8 edinburgh 9 edinburgh 10 edinburgh 11 edinburgh 12 edinburgh 13 edinburgh 14 edinburgh 15 edinburgh 16 edinburgh 17 edinburgh 18 edinburgh 19 edinburgh 20

Edinburgh is a town of wonder. It’s beautiful in both rain and sunshine. Its modern buildings as well as its historic ones are gorgeous and iconic. It’s a city full of tourists and foreigners and yet it feels like home almost as soon as you’ve set foot here. I personally think it is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in my life. Every day I stop and try to admire my surroundings because I don’t ever want to take its beauty for granted!

 Ever been to Edinburgh? Anything you found particularly beautiful or iconic?xx

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