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Sixth Month in Scotland by the Numbers


Can you believe it’s already April? I mean I really can’t! It’s been officially 6 months since I moved back to Scotland, it’s been about 3 months of working at uni and just over 2 months of living in Stirling. Time is flying by so quickly! I was super uber busy in March – having the time of my life basically – which reminded me that blogging should come after living and hence the reason I had to take a small break from blogging.

Here is my 6th month in Scotland by the numbers:

{LOTS of snow. March starts with a bang as we wake up to a Stirling covered in frost.}

snow march

{3 avocados mashed to create the almost perfect guacamole – who wants the recipe? 😉 }

{3 books bought on Amazon – though I have yet to touch any of them}

{a few walks around Stirling and a few signs of Spring}

{4 photos taken in the bathroom}

elephant house bathroom

{3 trips to Edinburgh and lots of friends seen in the process}

edinburgh march

{15 – numbers of minutes I arrived at the gate before my flight was supposed to take off & an indefinite number of tears shed in the process of trying to catch said flight}

{3.5 amazing days spent doing the tourist thing in London}

camila london

{2 glasses of wine drank at an alumni event at Canada House}

canada house cocktail

{4 hours spent living through a childhood dream at the Harry Potter studios}

harry potter studios

{1 cup of butter beer sipped}

{1 blate with Marcella from WhatAWonderfulWorld}

blate marcella

{2 hours spent at the top of the world, i.e The Shard}

{1 day-date in St Andrews with the Brit – it is where we met and fell in love after all …might have been some tears shed when I left as well…}

st andrews date

{3 courses of a delicious Masterchef lunch…and many many pounds spent in the process}

masterchef lunch

{First ice cream of the season!}

ice cream st andrews

{1 weekend spent by the sea in Fife – with two friends from the Masters and many many Gilmore Girls episodes watched}

What a great month it was! And a great way to end it with as well! It’s not a secret that I’ve been a bit disenchanted with this country since coming back 6 months ago, but since I’m starting to save more money and have more time to put towards little weekend getaways, I’m slowly starting to remember why I love this place! Slowly starting to get to know people here – and also taking the time to meet up with old friends, is also helping because hanging out with friends just gives me such good energy!

Also looking forward to April. There is lots of exciting prospect job wise – working open days, filming, etc. But also the Brit and I are still keeping busy since this coming Easter weekend we are actually heading to the Inner Hebrides! It was originally a 7 day plan entitled ‘7 days of driving through the Scottish wilderness’ but we thought we’d take advantage of both having a long weekend away from uni and go out to explore the beautiful wilderness of this country.

More on that later!

What are you looking forward to in April?xx

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