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Rosenborg Slot Garden | Copenhagen

While we were in Copenhagen earlier this summer, one of the highlights of our trip was visiting Rosenborg, at the heart of the city. Rosenborg Slot was the only place we paid to visit (and it was worth it!) but there was so much to say and show in photos, I thought I would split it into two posts. Today I’m tackling the Rosenborg Slot Garden and next, I’ll post about the palace. 

Rosenborg Slot Garden is the garden surrounding the palace and is known as the King’s Garden (Kongens Have). It is the oldest park in Copenhagen as it was established over four centuries ago as a private garden to King Christian IV. 

Thankfully, the morning we arrived at Rosenborg, the clouds parted and we were greeted by some sunshine. It was a welcome sight in the windy and rainy weekend we spent in Copenhagen. 

The great thing with the palace is that once you’re in to buy your tickets, you can decide at what time you want your time slot to be. Because we didn’t want to miss the sunshine, we asked for a slot 30 minutes later to spend that time walking around. We put it to good use!

Honestly, even if you don’t visit the palace, I would recommend walking around the gardens. There are rose gardens, as well as a food garden, which was perfect to practice my Danish knowledge of veggies. There is also a little cafe nestled at the eastern side of the garden. 

It’s the perfect place for an afternoon walk in the city centre of Copenhagen. I even preferred it to the Botanic Gardens which are opposite the northern entrance of the palace. 


I’m approaching the end of my posts about Copenhagen. I swear I’m almost there! I’m totally stretching that 3 day trip, am I? I just loved it! Still trying to convince the Brit to move there…

Do you like visiting gardens? Or is it just me?xx

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