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Autumn in Canada | Photo Diary

Recently, I had the chance to spend a wonderful week on holiday with my parents in the countryside of Canada. A trip that included both New Brunswick and Quebec, with glimpses at Maine. 

Back when I lived in Canada, autumn was my favourite season. It brings such beauty and the weather is usually a lot more reasonable than in the Montreal summers or winters. 

Autumn in Canada is also the best time of the year to see the colours of the trees changing. That’s something I miss yearly as we don’t have that much of it in Britain (or at least not as vibrant!).

During our trip, I took countless photos on the road and at our two houses. So today I won’t write as much as I usually do and shall let the photos tell their story.

autumn-in-canada-1 autumn-in-canada-2 autumn-in-canada-3 autumn-in-canada-4 autumn-in-canada-5 autumn-in-canada-6 autumn-in-canada-7 autumn-in-canada-8 autumn-in-canada-9 autumn-in-canada-10 autumn-in-canada-11 autumn-in-canada-12 autumn-in-canada-13 autumn-in-canada-14 autumn-in-canada-15 autumn-in-canada-16 autumn-in-canada-17

What’s your favourite season?xx

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