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A Foodie in Edinburgh

Hello everyone!

In a post a few weeks ago, I mentioned that Edinburgh is transforming me into a foodie. I mean I’ve never considered myself a foodie and much less someone who really enjoyed food, other than to survive. But recently, since I moved away and have had to cook more, it’s been slowly turning me into someone who appreciates the good things in life, like a good meal and some good wine.

Edinburgh is particularly great because of all the options that it offers. The Brit and I even decided that when we go on dates, we try to go to as many different restaurants as possible!

Then, a few weeks ago I was also contacted by the lovely Andrea at Zomato, which is a new website/app to get suggestions for restaurants. You can write reviews, follow people with similar taste, put pictures, etc. We had a lovely chat and I’m now one of their certified bloggers! You should check it out if they have a branch in your town – I’ve been on for about a week and it’s already plenty of inspiration!

This is an even bigger motivation to go around and try new restaurants!

To date, I’ve had LOTS of sushi – and am even preparing a guide to sushi eating in Edinburgh. It’s to come in the next few months. And the Brit and I have also been to one italian restaurant near our place and one Scottish seafood restaurant in the city centre. It’s going slowly but surely!

Soon, I’ll have big news to celebrate and so we’ll be booking a table at Kanpai, which is apparently the best sushi place in town! The big news will hit the blog a bit later in December, so keep posted 😉

Below is a little time-travelling through my love story with Edinburgh’s restaurants.

sushi tangs

My first visit in a sushi place in Scotland, back in May 2013. My flatmate of the time and I stopped by Tangs and we gorged ourselves on delicious sushi!bonsai sushi

The Brit and I had our first official date (following my return) at Bonsai, a sushi restaurant near our place and it was sooooo delicious! Ended up being a very relaxing night.italian

Our second date was at Al Fresco, an Italian restaurant near our place once again. It was a spur of the moment outing and we had delicious Italian classics : pizza and pasta. I finished the evening with some profiteroles and the Brit teased me for saying it with a French accent. I actually have no idea how to say this in English, to be honest!

italian dessert  mussel inn

Our last date was just before I started my temporary job last week and we went, again on a spontaneous decision, to the Mussel Inn, a seafood restaurant on Rose Street. It was slightly disappointing. Our two meals weren’t the best…and actually my crab pasta had so much chilli in it that I couldn’t even eat it. But then the second meal I ordered was pure foodgasm! See below.seafood

So here’s to many more delicious discoveries around town!

What is your favourite kind of cuisine?xx

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