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South African Braai

Hi everyone! Happy Travel Tuesday!

This week’s themed prompt was cuisine abroad – and that got me thinking! I mean I really wanted to write something about Chile’s cuisine, which is by far my favourite cuisine in the world! However, I decided to mix the theme with my current series on South Africa and bring the amazingness of a ‘braai’ to you!

What is a braai, you may ask?  Well, ‘braai’ is the Afrikaans word for barbecue. And what it is is a lot of fun and good food!

It was about day 3 into my trip when T and I made the trek of about 30 seconds to her friends house for her birthday braai. I was so happy to have been invited and so well received. The idea of the braai seems to be all inclusive and all encompassing. Everyone is welcome and it is good for any occasion.

The atmosphere was also very chill. We were sitting in the backyard, in the sun, snacking and drinking and just chatting away. When came time to feast, that’s when I realised just how much food there was! Her father had been working at it for the good part of the afternoon – and there was a bit of everything, from vegetarian options, to corn on a cob, to veggies, to chicken, to ribs, etc. All perfectly grilled on the braai! Wished I had taken more photos of the food to show you!

braai 2

I love a good barbecue like the next girl and this was so much fun! If you’re ever in South Africa, I recommend getting yourself invited to a nice braai 🙂


And if you need any other reasons to enjoy a braai, well go over to read this article. Very good and so accurate!

Is there anything special about barbecues where you’re from?xx


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