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Eating our Way Through Rome | Roman Holiday

One of the greatest things about Italy is most definitely the gorgeous food! It’s imported everywhere in the world – and who doesn’t love pizza and pasta, right? Eating our way through Rome was a great way to get our legs and our taste buds going and discover a new place!

We spent our week in Italy eating some great food! We had a lovely flat through Airbnb, so we would often eat out for one meal of the day and have the other meal at home. This meant we bought some food, some pasta with pesto, or some lettuce and bread with some salami, fig jelly, tomatoes and cheese. Our Airbnb host had gifted us a bottle of Italian wine and, since the Brit does not drink, I drank it through the week. It was an absolute pleasure!

When we ate out, however, we found it quite difficult walking around the centre to find something that felt authentic, as most restaurants seemed tourist focused with English menus and even people trying to lure us inside. 

As controversial as it might sound, we also weren’t always blown away by the food served to us. I have to say I’ve had some amazing Italian food in both New York and Montreal, and though the food in Italy was great, nothing felt really surprising or amazing. 

Nonetheless we had great fun exploring the city through food and taste and we look forward to going back to Italy to explore and eat some more!

trastevere ice cream

We had lots of gelato and lots of pizza!!

food in rome 1 food rome 2 food rome 3 italy food october

Look at that gorgeous lobster pasta! Definitely a highlight of the trip! Though I definitely enjoyed the following dish, which was the panna cotta below!

food rome 4 food rome 5

We couldn’t resist snacking along the way either! 

food rome 6 food rome 7

On our last night we ate at Lumiere, a restaurant at the corner of where we were staying in the Aurelio district. It was by far the most authentic restaurant experience and food we found in Rome! We started with a delicious appetiser on the house – the Brit ate the bites, while I drank the wine. We were both very pleased.

I then struggled to order something with no meat – I asked the waiter/owner and he didn’t seem to understand but nodded at my ‘no meat?’ question. And then I received cheese and prosciutto. I didn’t want to be impolite, so I nodded and tried to eat some – although I do not eat ham – but thankfully the Brit helped me out. 

I had also ordered a traditional salad – which was absolutely amazing! It was called misticanza in agrodolce and it had almonds, spinach, raisin, and other things, and it was delicious! The Brit enjoyed his cheese and rosemary gnocchi (and my prosciutto of course!). All in all a great way to end our trip! 

food rome 8 food rome 9 food rome 10 food rome 11

What is your favourite Italian dish?xx

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