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The Delicious Copenhagen Food Scene

Oh Copenhagen. As you may have seen in my last post about Denmark, I loved our little trip to the Danish capital. There were ups and downs (a man punched my umbrella wut?), but mostly what we loved the most was the food. I don’t think I’ve eaten so healthily in a long time. We found that Copenhagen (Danish) food was very high in protein, rich in veggies and vitamins, and honestly just deliciously filling!

On Friday before heading off, I did a quick research, looking at main things I wanted to see and do. A thing that kept coming up everywhere I looked was the food markets. Perfect! We didn’t want to spend too much money so may as well head into markets. 

Copenhagen Street Food Market

We ended up going to this one a bit by accident. The Brit was incredibly hungry (and he gets hangry, so better deal with it quick!) so we just crossed the bridge from Nyhavn and looked up the stalls there. It was good timing because that’s when there was the worst rain storm of the whole weekend. It was funny because I was a bit sad that all their markets were indoors – but I quickly understood the necessity.

The stalls at the market on Papiroen gave so much choice and I wish I could have tried it all! There were tacos, pancakes, and chicken, Italian to Moroccan, and burgers to the traditional smørrebrød.

Because this was the first day, I just had to have a smørrebrød! I ordered the crayfish, lemon cod, fish egg, asparagus smørrebrød and it was delish! I’m not a fan of rye bread, but honestly the combination of so much delicious goodies on top of it made it unnoticeable. The Brit went for an ostrich burger because he couldn’t resist trying it.


This market is centrally located and hosts stalls of every kind, from chocolate to soap, to Prosecco to flowers and veggies. We also noticed that many restaurants in town have stalls in there. We took advantage of that to sample the best the city has to offer.

Our Airbnb host had highly recommend Grød, a porridge bar. The Brit, being British, loves porridge and I fancied the dulce de leche option she had mentioned. So we decided that on our last day we would take our bags and head out to breakfast at Grød at Torvehallerne. It was amazing! And I love that they are making porridge trendy. It filled us up so much that we didn’t have lunch that day and instead had an early dinner.

On Hand Luggage Only blog, there was a suggestion to try the stall called Hav (which means sea in Danish). I’m a big fan of seafood so I knew I had to have something from there! I got a mix of three different fish salads and it was amazing! I couldn’t even finish it though because of how intensely protein heavy it was.

The Brit hadn’t tried the smørrebrød yet, so he ordered 2 …he’s greedy. He had a beef one and a chicken and mushroom. I tried a little of the latter and it was one of my favourite thing of the weekend.

We also tried one of the chocolate stalls, Summerbirds, and it was lovely. Not only did the girl working there give us like 6 tester chocolates, we bought 2 little packs of chocolate to bring home (and have already finished eating…).

Finally, just before leaving, we snatched some delicious pizzas from Gorm’s (we realised there is a Gorm’s at the airport too if ever you want to try it out).

Chances are, Torvehallerne will be on your itinerary as it is so central and I highly recommend it. Prices are also very affordable compared to sit down restaurants.


The atmosphere as we passed restaurants was really lovely. Strangely (because of the weather) there were loads of seats outside, which I love! I love cafe and beer garden cultures, which this city had plenty of. However, we didn’t eat in a restaurant a single time. We either ate at home or at the street food markets.

For our home meal we wanted to keep the trip special and not just eat whatever we’d eat at home, so we made our own smørrebrød. We bought some rugbrød and toppings and made them ourselves. Something the Brit has continued since we’ve been back in Scotland.

Every time we did eat at home, we bought little sweets to eat for desserts. Both times we bought from the same café, which our host recommended – Lagkagehuset. It’s another one I highly recommend! They have cafés everywhere in town, and even in the airport.

Have you been to Denmark? What was your favourite food?xx

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