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The Majestic Mull of Galloway | Scotland

During our trip down to Galloway last month, we went on daily drives around the countryside to discover new gems. Galloway is not a very touristy region, but it has so much to discover! One day we were driving and we saw a sign for the Mull of Galloway – which is the southernmost point of mainland Scotland. We decided to follow the yellow brick road and see where it leads.

We were driving for a long time, which led onto a single track road as it does in these remote corners of the country. The mileage on the signs started announcing it, which was a hopeful sign. It said it was 3 miles away for a good 2 miles. But we finally made it! And it was breathtaking! The wind took our breath away, literally, but it was so beautiful.

From that point you can see the shapes of the Cumbrian mountains in the background to the East, to the South we could see the Isle of Man really clearly. It was really cool! And if you forced your eyes a bit you could imagine Northern Ireland to the West…though that was stretching it a bit far.

The water was choppy and two separate currents were pushing against each other creating epic waves just down the bay.

If you plan on going, there is a little café, Gallie Craig Coffee House, which is a nice respite from the pounding wind. Their hot chocolate is perfect for that south coast weather!

It’s quite the drive away from an already remote part of Scotland, but it was worth it. I would recommend it, especially on a beautiful sunny day, when it’s clear enough to see England, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland. I think that despite the frigid wind, it was one of my favourite parts of the week we spent down South.

Ever been to the end of a country like that? Where was it?xx

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