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My Life in Agile | Sprint 2


Welcome back to my Life in Agile! During the last two weeks, Sprint 2 went really well and I actually managed nearly everything on my list. I went full nerd and even downloaded an Agile board app on my tablet. In comparison to Sprint 1, I think honestly the biggest factor to account for my success in Sprint 2 was the fact that I had a lot more time on my hands.

Here’s a look back on my goals for Sprint 2:

>> Blog twice a week
Done and done! 🙂

>> Finish reading a book
I actually finished a big book (which I started two years ago, so…big deal) and read two others. It’s been good!

>> Read 2 articles for my PhD
I’ve actually only read one full article, but skimmed two others. I’ve also been doing a lot of research and I have a few more articles lined up.

>> Catch up on the 97 blog posts I’ve missed lately…
I didn’t catch up on all the blogs. Booo! I know! I have about 40 ish blogs left to read (until there is more). I need to keep up. I miss the community aspect of blogging, which I feel I’ve lost since Travel Tuesday ended earlier this year.

What I learnt from Sprint 2:

>> Take the time to do things properly and to enjoy doing them.
>> Crossing something off your list is always satisfying.
>> Life will always get in the way and that’s okay.

What’s coming up next for Sprint 3?

>> Read another book
>> Proofread my Brit’s thesis
>> Read 2 articles
>> Blog four times
>> Finish the outline for one of my blog guides
>> Move house..What? I know! More on that later 😉

Do you have any goals for the next week or two?xx

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