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First Month in Scotland by the Numbers

Hi everyone!

Saturday marked my first month of being back in the UK and yesterday of being back in Scotland! Yay I survived my first month as an expat! Obviously, I was an expat in Scotland before, but this time it’s different. Being here on a more work-centered visa has been rough, but it was filled with countless amazing moments as well!

I really loved these posts on Kaelene‘s blog, and then on Amy‘s blog, and I thought I would copy the idea and recap my months as an expat this way. Hope you enjoy the concept as much as I did!

7 hours of flying over the Atlantic.

2014-10-01 01.50.19

24h in London.


1 first class train ride to Scotland.

train to scotland

Countless walks up the Royal Mile.

edinburgh 17

Countless walks in the park

2014-10-02 16.47.26

1 trip to Newcastle after 1 breakdown about my computer’s problems.

2014-10-06 15.50.29

1 bus trip to St Andrews.

st andrews 3

3 delicious items bought at the Farmer’s Market.

farmers market

1 cute and sneaky friend made in my backyard.

small friend

2 guests for Thanksgiving dinner, with my Canadian co-host, S.


photo courtesy of the wonderful S.

1 walk up Calton Hill.

calton hill

2 visits to national museums.


1 traditional Sunday roast with old and new friends.

sunday roast

1 cute housewarming gift.

housewarming gift

So much fun and so many torches seen at the Samhuinn Fire Festival.


1 pumpkin carved for Halloween.


1 hell of a supportive boyfriend.

with the brit

Of course the photos don’t show the countless freak outs about money or jobs. Or don’t show all the times I had coffee with amazing friends. You’ve probably read about my ups and downs in the past few weeks, but know that I’m still going strong and fighting my way through this! Here’s to many more months!xx


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