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Happy Travel Tuesday!

I couldn’t believe it this weekend when I was writing this down that it’s been 11 months since I moved to Scotland for the second time! 11! Next month it’ll be a year and I don’t know where time has gone!

In August we…

We celebrated the beginning of the month and our two year anniversary with a train trip up to the Highlands. We trained up to Fort William – some of the views we got were the best I’ve seen in Scotland! So untouched, so rugged and just breathtaking. I saw so many deers – I was excited!


We visited and slept in Fort William. The next morning we were on the Jacobite Steam Train – a gift from my lovely boyfriend for my birthday. It was by far one of my favourite memories of Scotland ever since I left St Andrews. It felt like we were heading to Hogwarts and it was very magical!

jacobite highlands 2 We visited Mallaig quickly before grabbing an amazing seafood lunch from The Steam Inn. I highly recommend it, it was delicious! mallaig 2 mallaig The next weekend, the Brit and I decided to give it a rest and spend a lovely weekend relaxing at home. Then we realised it had been months since we took a weekend to stay home! We took a long walk around Stirling,  visiting the King’s park and the Smith Museum – where I got highly distracted by costumes!  

A few days later a good friend from high school was arriving in Scotland and the Brit and I took some days off of work to visit and do things along with her. Well she brought the beautiful weather and – on top of a few sunburns – we had so much fun! We went to the Highland Games, we climbed the Wallace Monument, went horseback riding and spent a lazy day in Glasgow. 

highland games stirling wallace lake menteith horseback

This month I also participated in 3 Great British Bake Off Bake Along. It’s been lots of fun and I will try to keep it up!

bake along 7 bread week creme brulee 2

We celebrated the Brit’s 28th birthday in style and with a lot of good food. And finally, last weekend, after nearly 7 months, we finally had our housewarming with some close friends from Stirling. It was the absolute best way to end this month of August, my 11th month in Scotland as an expat!


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What is your best memory from August?xx

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