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Fourth Month in Scotland by the Numbers

Happy Monday! Can you believe it’s already February?? My gosh, time flies!

Sunday officially marked the beginning of my fifth month of being back in the UK, can you believe that too? January, my fourth month in Scotland, was a busy busy month since it was my real first month working full time in the UK – I’m a grown up now…sort of…

I spent most of my time working and commuting..and then moving and dealing with all the bits and bobs that one has to deal with when moving flat and city! So a stressful month it was, but I was able to fit in a few fun things here and there!

I relaunched my blog, which I am so proud of! But it took sooo much time and work and I haven’t been able to be a nice blogger and read other people’s blog in a while! That’s over 400 blog posts to catch up on! Some blog love is coming I swear! For the time being, I’m mainly trying to keep up with my own blog – but it was (is) also a hard one since I haven’t had internet in the last few weeks (which I didn’t expect or prepare for!).

I also wanted to take this opportunity to point out that I have changed my commenting system to the Disqus system – which I am in love with. I think it really does what the name suggests and helps with creating real discussion between people/bloggers, with making it easy to respond to each other, etc. Sadly it means it doesn’t show any of my previous comments, but fear not I can read them and I love you all for commenting and showing your love through this tough period of adjustment in my real/blog life!

But anyhow, let’s head to the portion of the post that is important today! Here’s my fourth month in Scotland by the number!!

{ 1 Auld Lang Syne sung in the first few minutes of the new year! }

new year

photo blatantly stolen from my friend

{ Countless delicious treats baked }

{ 4 hours spent at a St Andrews Alumni event in a bar in New Town. }

{ About 60 hours of commute between Edinburgh and Stirling…bleeeh I know! }

{ Too many bags to count full of all our worldly possessions to move flat/city. }

{ 1 new flat! ….mystery mystery – post to come very soon with photos of our new place and hilarious anecdotes of our moving adventures!}

4 good books read! }

{ Many new streets to discover and explore in Stirling! }

{ 1 new hair cut!! …with no photos ….that’s why I’m not a beauty blogger haha }

{ 1 Traditional Burns Night celebrated at Stirling Uni + 5 ceilidh songs danced with the Brit }

{ 1 friend’s housewarming attended in Edinburgh and too much champagne drank to think of taking photos }

All in all – another stressful month I’m happy to leave behind! There were many successes, with job, flat, moving, blog, etc. but I look forward to so many things for February! The Brit and I planned a trip up to the Cairngorms for the Valentines Day weekend. We’re also planning on having our housewarming at the end of the month, when we’ve actually settled in comfortably! And so much more! …

What do you look forward to in February?xx

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