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El Cartel | Yummy Edinburgh

Hi! I rarely share posts on humpday, but I thought why not this week! I’m not really following a schedule this month so off with the conventions!

I’m still sifting through the 900 photos we took while in Italy – but in the meantime, I thought I would share an amazing dining experience we had recently in Edinburgh.

We headed into Edinburgh one Wednesday of late October to have dinner with the Brit’s best friend and his girlfriend, and I was really feeling like having Mexican food. The Bff told us that there was this incredible Mexican restaurant that everyone is gushing about right now – that’s how we ended up at El Cartel.

el cartel

We arrived and they didn’t have a table – you can’t book so you can only show up on the day and wait at the bar across the way to get a table. We got a table in barely a few minutes, so we chugged our drinks and headed into the tiny restaurant. 

It is really cute and feels almost decorated for the Fiesta de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) with little skeleton heads and dark colours dominating the walls.

The menu was obviously why we were there and it was drool worthy! I mean it was a short menu with some amazing options, from meat to vegetarian. I’m pretty sure that to the four of us we basically ordered everything.  

We ordered the plantain chips with guacamole (the highlight of my evening!). The Bff and his girlfriend ordered lots of meat options, from tacos to ribs and we ordered mainly vegetarian tacos (and I convinced the Brit to order a meat taco option for himself as he usually orders meat at the restaurant since we eat pescatarian at home). There was a deal for all three sides, so we decided that, to the four of us, we could definitely handle it all and it would make the tasting experience complete. 

I can’t tell you what all the food below was exactly, but I can tell you we left feeling very satisfied and happy!!

guacamole sides tacos 1 tacos 3 tacos 4 tacos 2 ribs table

My definitely highlight was the guac, but also the sweet potato tacos – yum!! 

Do you like Mexican food? What is your favourite dish?xx

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