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A day in the Vatican | Roman Holiday


Hello! It’s me! Yes I hope you sang that haha! Even though months have passed, let’s roll on to the last of our Roman Holiday recaps. On one of the last days of our trip, we spent the morning roaming around the Vatican City.

Though many would probably say that is a fond memory of their visit to Rome, it was definitely a disappointment for both of us. It was (obviously) very crowded and though that was perhaps the fault of my hate of crowds, there was almost no pleasure in being there. 

Since we were staying basically next door, we headed out bright early to visit St Peter’s Cathedral, and it was such a treat. I thought it was beautiful and with the sun shining, it felt as if visiting a monumental memorial. 

From there however, we headed out to the Vatican museums and it went downhill from there. The queues and such were ridiculous. Our fault for not buying tickets early, but somehow I thought it wouldn’t be this bad. After a good 45 minutes, we were in. We sat in the gardens for a little while, enjoying the sun – though I had covered up with a maxi skirt and thin long sleeve shirt, because Vatican. 

Once we entered the museums, it was as if we were being herded from place to place, from museum to museum, in and out of gorgeous rooms full of so much opulence. To be 100% honest with you, because hey it’s my blog after all, the Brit and I are zero religious, but we wanted to visit the Vatican, not to enjoy it as a religious entity but more as a museum. We could definitely admire the art and the grandeur of it, but it felt very weird and at the antithesis of what catholicism stands for. Also, there was often no time to admire anything. Between the selfie sticks and tour guides with random flats/umbrella/sticks, it was difficult to see anything. 

When we reached the Sistine Chapel, we were told to sssssshhhhhhhhh and then had to stand in a crowd of hundreds to look at the ceiling. We were out in a few minutes. 

We were more than thankful to reach the outside world again and head back into the city to enjoy the less crowded sidewalks and cafes of Rome.

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Did you ever visit the Vatican? What was your experience?xx

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