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Scottish Life | Busy November

Hi! Happy Travel Tuesday!

And November is passed and gone! I don’t even understand how this is happening – is there a blackhole where days go to pass without me realising it? I swear I’ve just written my October recap post??

I think it doesn’t help that I have been very absent this month from the blog, and really really busy in my personal life and at work! I don’t feel I’ve done much, but it seems the month has gone by me. 


-I don’t often talk about work, but it’s been very busy this month, with lots of changes and of course with us hosting the winter graduation last week. I was an usher at the ceremonies, i.e. tell overbearing parents to sit down and stop blocking the view for the other rows behind them. Not gonna lie, it was an exhausting job. But it was fun and I got to dress up in the gowns of the school! #Slytherin

slytherin gown

-We organised a little get together for St Andrews alumni in the Edinburgh area – not many people came, but it was very nice! I wore my St Andrews socks (#bestweddingfavourever) and then someone saw them and said they were at the same wedding – yes this happens all the time with St Andrews!

november reunion

-The very next day I was off to Glasgow to have a little brunch and visit the Century of Style: Costume and Colour 1800-1899 fashion exhibit at the Kelvingrove Gallery with Mel from Everything I Wished For. It was a lovely day, despite the downpour which had us drying our shoes in the bathroom for about half an hour #ScottishLife

art exhibition

-I also went up to Ullapool! This was a highlight of my month! I trained up to Inverness (passing through the snowy Cairngorms) and then took a bus into Ross-shire to reach the seaside village of Ullapool. I got some amazing views and despite heading straight into the eye of the Abigail storm that was hitting that side of the country, it was super worth it! 


-The goal of my visit to Ullapool was to attend a writing retreat and it was truly amazing, enlightening and inspiring. I would recommend this retreat or any kind of writing retreat to aspiring and budding writers. There will be a whole post to come on this subject very soon!


-We had two nice movie nights with friends in Stirling. We headed out for a meal at our friends’ place to watch the first two Hunger Games – we thought we could watch three, but we gave up at 1am. And we recently just went out to see the last HG movie in theatres, which was good!

-I also spent a gorgeous day in Edinburgh where I met up with Jordan from Beer Time with Wagner and Mel from Everything I Wished For. We headed out for an afternoon tea on a sunny Saturday afternoon. It was so much fun and it was delicious! I spent the rest of the day at Mel’s place talking about books. All in all, a great day! 

afternoon tea

And finally, last but not least, I wrote 50,000 words!! I did it, I won at NaNoWriMo. It was a tough one to try and keep up with, I was even nearly 5000 words behind at some point and had to rack up nearly 3000 words a day from that point on to make it, but it was worth it! I’m nowhere near finished my novel – because 50,000 is very short when you think about it – but my draft is definitely on it’s way and I’m very happy with it! 


How was your November? What do you look forward to for December?xx


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