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5 years in Scotland | Expativersary

Happy expativersary to me! Today marks five years since I first moved to Scotland on the 8th September 2012. What a crazy whirlwind it has been since.

I left Montreal in tears. I left my then boyfriend, my family (literally my favourite people, no shame), my friends, my job, and basically everything I knew behind. I cried the 7 hours it took me to get to Toronto airport. The airport security offered me tissues as I sobbed everywhere. I had lived at home up until then and while I was ready to live on my own and such, emotionally it was a big step.

I arrived in Scotland two flights and one stop in Iceland later. It was a huge ordeal to get to St Andrews, but once I made it, I knew it was the best decision I had ever made. I still remember the car driving over the Fife hills and getting a look at the mini skyline of St Andrews. I was in love.

I would say I’ve never regretted it since, but that’d be a lie. Life has had its ups and downs in Scotland and the UK. This includes, and isn’t restricted to, problem/wins in employment, problems/wins with the weather, problems/wins with visa applications, and so on. That’s just life though, isn’t it?

I also have to say that when I came five years ago, I didn’t expect I’d still be here today. I stayed and now it’s home. I’ve travelled so much of this country and know it better than some Scottish people. I’ve even been told recently that my accent is bordering on Scottish now, so I think I’ve adopted it as a new home and it has slowly adopted me back.

During the last five years in Scotland I have:

– Gone through 3 different visas
– Called three different places home: St Andrews, Edinburgh and Stirling
– Met my favourite man ever
– Crossed 64 items off of my Scottish bucket list
– Visited most of the Scottish mainland (most regions anyway!)
– Visited (only) 2 islands
– Made a lot of crazy friends
Abseiled down one of its freaking world heritage site

It’s been quite the ride!

I won’t say ‘here’s to another five years’ because I don’t know how long we’ll stay, but I’m here and I’m happy and it’s all that matters for now!xx

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