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Life lately | Beginning of 2018

Life lately in Scotland has been quite eventful (as always I guess)! These early weeks of 2018 have been busy with renovating our new home, lots of travelling, planning for the future, and a lot of enjoying the small pleasures of life!

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>> We started the year celebrating in rainy Stockholm! We watched the fireworks with some friends and spent the first week of the new year visiting the Swedish capital.

>> We came home and went back to work, but 3 days later I was off to Poland! A colleague and friend of mine is Polish and asked me once if I wanted to join us on her trip and I jumped at the occasion. We had so much fun! My vlog about Wrocław is coming next week!

>> When I was back, we started hard on the renovation because early February we were getting our new kitchen fitted. That meant scraping all the wallpaper, getting a new boiler put in, getting the wall plastered, taking all the units out and painting. Now that it’s fitted it’s amazing and I love our new kitchen! We just need to floor and tile now before it’s ready for a nice wee ‘before and after’ post! We’re now working on the bathroom, which is a whole other disaster of its own.

>> We attended a Burns Night at the university and it was so much fun! We danced and drank and had fun with so many of our friends!

>> I finished all my PhD applications in Scotland (all 5 of them!) and am now waiting! I did get into the University of Glasgow, which felt like a big win. I’m still waiting to hear about funding in most places, so we shall see what happens.

>> We spent a day in Callander, just inside the Trossachs national park. It was our first road trip with our car!

>> Oh yeah we bought a car! What! It’s been a bit hell because it was an old used car, but we’ve got it working now. (Well it’s under a pile of snow right now…)

>> We booked our wedding venue for next year!

>> We hosted our first dinner party at our home. First few friends invited to take a look at our new place. We made hot dogs, so needless to say it was a success!

>> I’ve tried to spend a lot of time with friends, going on coffee dates and grabbing cake as often as I can. It always feels great, chatting for hours and enjoying some nice treats.

>> In the last week we’ve been buried under snow. I didn’t really believe it at first and went into work on day 1 and it took me 6h to get back home. It was hellish and thought I would get stranded halfway home before a generous cab offered to drive me to Stirling. Now I’ve been working from home and going on daily walks to enjoy the snow!

What have you been up to lately?xx

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