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My Life in Agile | Sprint 6


Another busy fortnight in our household. The biggest thing of all is that we bought a house – what? I know, it all happened quickly last week. I’ll be writing a whole post dedicated to that soon. Except from that, the Brit’s parents were in town and we went on tiny adventures in the area, checking a few of my bucket list items. We celebrated his birthday once again. He doesn’t love to stretch it out, but I love it so I kept referring to his ‘birthday week’ and ‘month’ to wind him up. I caught up with a few friends after work and been doing a lot of personal work too.

Here’s a look back on my goals for Sprint 6:

>> Finish that PhD proposal
I’m still working on it. So much work honestly – and also I’m not spending that long on it every week, so it’s advancing slowly. But I’m at a good stage right now and happy with what I have as of now.

>> Read 2 books
Yes I read a super interesting book about Scandinavia and finished a romantic little light summer read.

>> Keep up with the blog reading
I am not 100% up to date but I’ve been reading lots lately, getting back into blog reading mood.

>> Write the first draft for a short story
Yes! I have half a first draft and it’s going so well, I’m quite proud of it. My goal is to send it to a short story contest at the end of the month.

>> Book a holiday (any of them!)
So another instance of life getting in the way. I booked us to go to Portugal in October and of course, everything converged around that week. It could be our moving date as well as the Brit’s viva. Timing is a bitch.

>> Finish those 5 pages of my St Andrews brochure
I’ve done no work on that this sprint and I’m full of guilt…

What I learnt from Sprint 6:

>> The biggest thing is that I’ve noticed my habits changing. Sometimes, certain items of sprints feel forced, but it’s slowly making a difference in the way I think about certain tasks. They are starting to feel natural and I do them without thinking of my sprint.

>> You can’t mitigate against life’s timings of important milestones. Just gotta readjust and keep going.

>> Having too many goals is very unhelpful to try to make things move along. I’m still trying to juggle too much.

>> I’ve come to realise that my job takes a lot more out of me than I expected it to and I need to learn to rebalance my personal life around it. 

What’s coming up next for Sprint 7?

For the next two week we don’t have too many things planned. We’re meant to go to the theatre next week, which I’m excited about, but that’s about it. The Brit will be quite busy with the beginning of the semester, so that’ll leave me with some me-time at home to work on personal projects.

>> Work on that proposal some more. I would like to send it to a contact of mine for feedback during Sprint 8.
>> Book another holiday…I’ll get there at some point!
>> Read 3 books (let’s raise the stakes a bit more, especially that I’m 9 books behind on my yearly Goodreads challenge…)
>> Keep up blog reading
>> Start working out again. I’ve been so busy I haven’t worked out since July – wth? I want to go back to working out at home 4 times a week and signing up to a dance class once a week.

Do you have any big plans or goals in the coming weeks?xx

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