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Fifth Month in Scotland by the Numbers

Can you believe it’s been another month? Where does time go, seriously – I feel I moved here only a few weeks ago, but it’s been 5 months now!

Finally, a routine is starting to settle. I have my job and my flat and the Brit and we’re both slowly starting to get our stuff together. I’m slowly getting a handle on things at work – and slowly starting to get used to Stirling. I also asked out my first friend in Stirling – we’re going on an afternoon tea later this month! Exciting!

February was a slow month – I think that since we just moved here on January 24th, February was a big month for getting settled. The flat had its quirks and the Brit has been building and fixing and altering it ever since. I think it’s almost there – almost time for our housewarming!

Another sad news of the month, we had to cancel our lovely Valentine’s trip to the Cairngorms National Park because we both got ill just before that weekend. Tears! And on that day, we went on a little walk up to the castle and on our way down I slipped an slit open my knee….the bad luck was kind of never ending.

But by the end of the month – we are finally getting our shit together! 😀 Here is my fifth month in Scotland by the numbers:

{6 walks to work. It takes about 40 minutes and some of it is just breathtaking.}


{7 sushi dinners. Let’s just say me and the Brit are now a bit obsessed with making sushi – and getting good at it too!}


{1 bowling date – and yes I did win 😉 }


{ 7 hours spent in Glasgow – and you’ll hear all about it next week!}


{3 desserts shared at the local River House restaurant in Stirling }


{4-5 hours of Lord of the Rings watched cuddled with a side of wine and homemade cookies to end the month on a perfect note }

So not the most exciting month, but hey not all months can be filled with adventures and crazy trips! And all in all, things are on the up and up. We had a few successful days out – and we’re finally trying to plan more for March. I’m heading to London next week and we’re planning a trip back to St Andrews – where we met – for the end of the month. A few days here and there in Edinburgh and Glasgow too!

P.S. If any of you are free on Friday the 13th – I will be in London and heading to the Harry Potter studios and I am still looking for a partner in crime to join me. Drop me an email if you’d be free and interested in coming along! Blogger meetups are the best, obvs!

What do you wish for for the month ahead?xx

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