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Wishes for 2017 | For Travel and Life

Happy New Year! I’m sure I’m not the only one who is glad to see the back of 2016. 2017 can only be better than 2016, right? Well here’s to wishing for it! Today, to mark the beginning of a new year, I wanted to share my wishes for 2017, that includes my personal goals and my travel wish list.

Goals, wishes and resolutions

– My first wish of the year is of course that my passport/visa actually arrives. My life is a bit on hold right now, and so much of 2017 will depend on this finally happening. 
– Getting a visa would hopefully mean finally getting back to work! Yay for a salary!
– I’m still working hard on my Scottish guide books and I look forward to launching the shop.
– I can’t wait to see the Brit become a doctor. He’s in the last stretch of his PhD and I’m so proud of him!
– I want to raise money for charity. A few charities do a free-fall abseil from the Forth Rail Bridge every year and I want to participate and raise money for a good cause!

Travel wish list

Every year I share a travel list for the year ahead, which I rarely achieve because life gets in the way (like not having a passport for the past two months and a bit…). So this isn’t a to do list as much as a true wish list.

– The Brit is turning 30 in 2017 so we would like to do a long trip to visit the UAE, Hong Kong and Japan for his birthday.
– I really want to travel solo to Luxembourg.
– The Brit may be attending a conference in Sweden in June, so I really want to tag along. Perhaps take the trip across to Copenhagen? A girl can only wish!
– I would really like to see a bit more of England. It’s never really on our active visit list (mostly because trains get crazy expensive once you cross the border), but I would like to visit at least one new place in England this year. Suggestions are welcome 🙂
– Of course, I always want to visit more of Scotland! I’d love to visit more of the Borders, Ayrshire, Dumfries and Galloway, the Isle of Arran, as well as keep discovering Glasgow and Edinburgh. I would also love to drive the North 500. And if we could make it to the Outer Hebrides again, that would make me very happy!

What are your wishes and goals for 2017?xx

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