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Visiting Rosenborg Slot | Copenhagen

A few weeks ago, I shared my many many photos our visit at the Rosenborg Slot Gardens (Kongens Have). Most importantly, we were there visiting Rosenborg Slot (Castle). It was one of our only paid visits and it was a really fun one. It was beautiful and informative. 

Rosenborg Castle was built during the renaissance period (in the Dutch Renaissance style) as a summer home for the Danish monarchy. Construction started in the early 1600s, at the wish of King Christian IV, and took nearly 20 years to be built to its current fabulous state.

The castle is separated into four different floors. Starting on the ground floors, we go through various writing rooms and bedrooms.The first few rooms feel very modest, but it slowly turns into very lavish and interesting (and trippy) thematic rooms. Like the ‘Dark Room’ and the ‘Marble Room’. I’m sure you can imagine! 

As we head up the stairs on the first floor, we admire many oldie worldie portraits of the monarchs who have inhabited the grounds. With 400 years of history, there is much to learn at Rosenborg and the people who walked around these parts. Thankfully, there were so many informative signs around and we read a lot about the history. Most of the rooms on the first floor alternate between about 9 different kings and queens, most of whom are Kings Frederick and the Kings Christian. We lost count.

Finally, we reached the second floor where the Knights’ Hall is situated. That is where lies the coronation thrones. It was very cool to see, especially with the life-size silver lions, standing guards. From high above, it’s also the perfect place to catch some good looks at the lush gardens below. 

When we were done with the main house, we headed down to the cellar/basement. That is where the wine and weapons are kept – not an entirely good mix in my opinion. From there we entered a room of objects made entirely of amber and ivory. Terrifying when you think of how it has been made, but truly beautiful to see. And finally the visit ends with the treasury, where the crown jewels are kept. They were so beautiful! I felt like I was in the Prince and Me for about a quarter of a second. 

Overall, I think it was a bit expensive (but that’s Copenhagen!) but I really enjoyed it. I’m glad that’s the place we decided to visit. I would recommend it, especially if you’re a history buff. 

Rosenborg Slot and Garden is situated at Øster Voldgade and Gothersgade. To visit the castle, it costs 110DKK per person (or is free with the Copenhagen Card).

Did you visit any castles in Denmark?xx

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