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Farewell Montreal

Hello! Happy Travel Tuesday!

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been in the middle of preparations and goodbyes for the last few days and I have amazing bloggers taking over so TTIACF doesn’t just dry out while I’m busy with this little thing called moving across the ocean.

Today is officially my last day in Montreal – and I have mixed feelings about the whole thing. I’m so happy to be going on to another adventure, to be reunited with some friends again and moving in with the Brit. However, it’s also a sad day because saying goodbye to my family is truly one of the worst things ever. I thought it was fitting that therefore, today, I say farewell to my lovely home.

Last year, upon my departure from St Andrews, I wrote an Ode to St Andrews, which I shared with you guys a few months ago. Because I did that for my second home, I thought it was only fair to do it for my hometown as well! So enjoy!

ode to montreal

Montreal is the place where I was born. The place where I grew up. The place where I was a child, a teenager, a young adult and whatever you want to call me now. The place where I loved and was loved. It’s a place where I always felt cherished and that always brings awe to my eyes. It’s the place where my family is and a place a will always call home.

It’s the place where I built my first few amazing friendships. It’s the first few secrets shared and the first few parties. It’s the city that feels so small that every time you’re out, chances are you’ll meet someone you know. It’s the place of coincidences and lucky encounters.

In Montreal, you’re always close to the water and there are always parks and bits of green everywhere. In autumn, it’s a place full of yellow and red hues. The perfect season. The first snow is magical and the snowstorms are hellish – while always looking straight out of a fairytale. The reappearance of the sun in spring always triggers happiness and the overly keen summer dressers. And the summers! Let me tell you about the summers, about the heat waves and the effervescence of the city! About the festivals, the music, the sweat, the happiness and the excitement!

Montreal is a city of extremes and paradoxes. It’s English and French – in one city and often within one conversation. It’s harsh winters and hot summers. It’s colourful autumns and wet springs. It’s big events full of crowds at the heart of the city during heat waves and the big events full of crowds at the heart of the city despite the snow and cold. It’s the typical outdoor staircases during slippery days of snow storms. It’s the days and nights spent outside during summers and months hiding inside, cuddled up in a big blanket, during half the year that winter consumes.

Montreal is also the fashion, the culture and the art. It’s everything you could possibly imagine and need. It’s the inspiration and the stimulation. It’s making snow coats fashionable. It’s days at the museums and fun at international festivals. It’s being able to witness and experience different cultures, taste the food and hear the languages.

And yet, it’s the place I always wanted to escape. It made me happy, yes, but I was also curious. Curious to see how life happened elsewhere. But every time I come back to it – Montreal is there waiting for me with its arms wide open, welcoming me home, without judgment.

Montreal is and will always be home.

If you missed, it please check out my Montreal themed week that happened between the 15-19th September.

Do you also have strong feelings about leaving your hometown?xx

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