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My Obsession with Lush | Thoughts & Reviews

Proper warning is warranted : this isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just in love with Lush

I always thought Lush was a weird trend that only appealed to people who wanted sparkly bath bombs or whatever that was.

However, I started doing some research and decided to walk into my local shop, and that is when I started to understand why it was so popular.

When I learned that Lush sold vegetarian products, did no testing on animals, that they buy/trade ethically and that their products are handmade, I was sold. And not only is it ethical, but it also offers amazing products that work. I am now a convert!



Massage Bars

The Brit and I both love getting a nice back massage before going to bed – no shame in that, right? Recently I decided to try the massage bars and absolutely adored it.

We tried ‘Dirty’ which is a chocolate and mint bar. The Brit and I both liked it but it melts like crazy, so it got a bit messy.

We also tried the ‘Shades of Earl Grey’ and it’s been by far my favourite. It has a lovely soothing smell and it feels great on the skin.

Body Scrub

I have tried one body scrub, the cherry-licious ‘Rub Rub Rub’. I love to exfoliate, it just makes me so happy for some weird reason, so I love the idea of a body scrub bar. However, this one was super crumbly and was constantly falling all over the shower. Also the dried cherry blossom flower was beautiful at first, but when wet it was dripping in a disgusting manner – the Brit thought it was a massive dead spider, to give you an idea.


I asked for advice when I went to Lush regarding a shower cream and ‘The Comforter’ was suggested to me. I was quickly convinced by the rich colour, sweet smell and creamy consistency. I’ve been using it since.

Bath bombs

When we stayed in a castle for my birthday last June, I was obsessed with the bath on feet in our room (I can’t be the only one, right?) and since we don’t have a bath at home I was adamant on buying a bath bomb for the simple goal of using it there.

I bought the ‘Avobath’ because it looked simple and because you can never go wrong with avocados. I loved to watch it fizz in the bath, it felt nourishing, and it left no residue, which I loved since this wasn’t our bath.


Shampoo Bar

I always thought the idea of a shampoo bar was weird until I tried it. I have been using the ‘Seanik’ shampoo bar for almost a year now and I have seen a difference with my hair. My hair is naturally very soft and straight and this bar, that claims its great for volume and shine, has done wonders.


I’m completely sold on the ‘Veganese’ conditioner. I thought of trying a bar, but I love this conditioner so much that I don’t see it happening. Veganese is a very light and lemony cream that does not weight down your hair at all. I would highly recommend it!



I’m addicted to popcorn so one day when I was picking up my usual products, I just grabbed the ‘Popcorn Lip Scrub’ without thinking. I’m still completely unsure how to use it (Am I meant to leave the scrub residue on my lips?!) but I think it’s exfoliating my lips well and it tastes smells amazing!


When I was visiting my person in Boulder, Colorado earlier this year, I accompanied her to Lush and couldn’t resist buying the face cleanser ‘Fresh Farmacy’ when I saw it. I’ve gone this long in my life without washing my face properly, might as well start now at 27, right?

I am really enjoying using this face cleanser, it is really refreshing, moisturising and gentle. Definitely my kind of face product as I have a pretty normal and non-problematic skin. 

Face Masks

Lush has a cool deal where they recycle some of their packaging so if you bring back 5 pots you will get a free product. So I’m on a mission to buy 5 different face masks to get my favourite for free. I’m currently at three.  

I’ve tried the ‘BB Seaweed’. It’s a pretty thick mask made with fresh seaweed. I thought it was amazing. My skin felt super soft afterwards and I could see and feel a difference. However, it had a lot of chunks and, to the Brit’s dismay, I ended up clogging the sink with it…

My second mask taster was the ‘Catastrophe Cosmetic’. I loved it even more! It’s a blueberry-based mask that felt very similar to the seaweed one, except it was less chunky. It was just the perfect balance for me. 

My most recent attempt was ‘Rosy Cheeks’. It’s a rose clay-based soft mask. I liked it because it was so light and soft against my skin. But I have to admit that it didn’t feel like much change afterwards. 


Well this post ended up a lot longer than I expected, but I hope the reviews and honest opinions were helpful.

Do you use Lush products? Do you have any to recommend?xx

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